Review: Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney Plus

If you’ve read comics from Marvel or watched any of the blockbuster movies, you’re familiar with the larger-than-life heroes depicted in the stories. These heroes can do the unthinkable and never back down when the odds are stacked against them.

One of the new shows headed to Disney+, the new streaming service, deals with heroes you may have not heard of. These heroes are amazing kids who refuse to give up regardless of obstacles placed in their paths. The kicker is: These kids are real. Marvel’s Hero Project is a show that will astound you.

The way the show works is Marvel Comics editors meet and are looking for kids doing amazing things. In the comics, the characters have inspired readers for decades, and they’re looking for kids’ with lives that will inspire us even further. We are then are taken into the lives of this incredible kids. We find out what their hardship is and how they refuse to let limitations get in the way of their dreams. They are then presented with a surprise package from Marvel including an impressive donation to an organization related in their honor and being drawn into their very own comic book story.

Watching the first three episodes, you can’t help but be blown away at how astonishing these kids are. It could be the fact that I am a parent or perhaps it’s because we all need more positivity in our lives, but I couldn’t help but get emotional with each one. These kids deserve to be put in the spotlight. It really puts a new perspective on how you look at things.

Episode 1 – “Sensational Jordan”

Jordan’s episode premieres Tuesday, November 12.

Jordan is a thirteen-year-old girl born with a missing limb. She didn’t let this define who she was. She wanted to be a cheerleader and became one. She simply wants to be her best self. After being invited to a workshop where she learned to make things from a 3D printer, she continued attending workshops and started helping others. She went from being a mentee to a mentor.

Episode 2 – “Incredible Elijah”

Elijah’s episode premieres on Friday, November 15.

Elijah is a remarkable eleven-year-old who speaks out against child abuse. He is determined to make sure kids’ voices are heard and doesn’t want them to get hurt. He has a great passion, and we get to see what he does to spread his message.

Episode 3 – “Unstoppable Adonis”

Adonis’ episode premieres on Friday, November 22.

Adonis loves football. What makes him different is he is visually impaired. He can’t see anything–that includes limits for himself.

My only concern with the show is not being able to see who does the art for the comics. I’ll admit I didn’t really pay attention during the end credits, but I did try looking for a mention during the third episode. Marvel is doing some amazing things with this and the generous donations they’re giving, but the creators of the comic should get credit for their work as well.

The comics will be available to read online at Right now there’s an image along with “Coming Soon.” Perhaps when the comics become available each week, the creative team will be listed there.

Be sure to look for Todd Nauck sitting at an artist’s table during the opening credits.

This might not be the type of “hero” show you may have been looking forward to on the new Disney+ streaming service but it is a show that should be watched. While you might find yourself needing a tissue when watching, you’ll also be filled with a heart-warming feeling, seeing what these kids are capable of. They truly are phenomenal. This is the kind of reassuring content we need to see that the world isn’t completely falling apart.

The first episode premieres on November 12 with subsequent episodes airing Fridays beginning November 15 on Disney+.

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