Review: Deadpool #1 By Thompson And Bachalo

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but there is a new Deadpool series coming your way this week. It seems a new series is launched when there is a new creative team. This just makes it easier for the casual reader to know where they can jump in on a new story arc.

What makes makes this more than just another Deadpool series is the creative team: Kelly Thompson writing, Chris Bachalo doing pencils, and David Curiel handling the color. To add to all this, Thompson is even bringing one of the best and cutest sidekick critters introduced this year to the book.

There’s something fun whenever a story starts in media res. Thompson kicks things off with Deadpool having a brutal fight with an enormous monster. Things then cut to Deadpool’s (new?) secret base in New York City. (Perhaps the lease on his office space at the mall ended). Basically, someone wants to hire Deadpool to fight some actual monsters that have formed a new-ish Monster Island.

What better way to defeat an island of monsters than defeat the Monster King? Luckily the island’s location isn’t exactly a secret and allows other characters like Elsa Bloodstone to appear. Elsa is an interesting character and if she plays a bigger role in the series (as the promos and solicits suggest), it could further make set this apart from previous volumes.

If you’ve seen one promo in particular, you know Elsa’s not the only guest to appear. The amazingly lovable and deadly Jeff the Land Shark is also here. (Thompson introduced readers to the awesomeness of Jeff in the pages of the gone-too-soon West Coast Avengers earlier this year). The reason Gwepool (a character I deeply adore) would consider leaving Jeff in Deadpool’s care is both tragic and on the nose.

Thompson knows how to brilliantly set up a new series. Obviously I won’t go into the why and how Deadpool ends up on this “Monster Island,” but it all makes perfect sense–or as much sense as you could expect in a Deadpool comic. The very idea makes you wonder where this series could possibly go from here. That’s a great thing since comics can sometimes feel slightly predictable. Predictable is something Deadpool should not be. You don’t know what he might do next, and it’s a joy to have a comic with the same feeling.

Another joy is getting to see Chris Bachalo’s art. He gives us a great depiction of Deadpool and there’s something about about the way he draws a character’s eyes. Elsa Bloodstone isn’t really a talkative character, but you can feel there is a lot going on when we get a glimpse of her eyes. As far as Deadpool’s “eyes,” let’s just say we have the old Spider-Man eye-physics going on with Deadpool’s mask. David Curiel’s colors put a gorgeous bow on the gift of Bachalo’s stunning artwork.

I like Deadpool, but I don’t know if I could say I love him. We’ve had way too many books and appearances over the years. Despite this, I can’t help but be excited for this new series. Kelly Thompson always does an extraordinary job in balancing humor and adventure. Having Chris Bachalo art and a crazy setting for Deadpool to run around in, you’ll easily become hooked on this new volume. If all that wasn’t enough, there’s also the appearance of a character (who has already been revealed in the solicits and interviews) that should get you even more excited. Thompson and Bachalo are delivering a magnificent new Deadpool series. I can’t wait for the next issue.

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