New Creative Team On Justice League Kicks Off The Invasion of the Supermen

DC Comics has released a first look preview at the upcoming Justice League story arc, Invasion of the Supermen. The new creative team on the series will be Robert Venditti and Doug Mahnke!

The League may have survived their recent battle against Lex and the Legion of Doom, but they’ll soon be faced with a new breed of conquerors led by Superman’s nemesis, the Eradicator. A “genetically engineered, super-powered strike team” is headed to Earth.

Justice League #40 cover art by Bryan Hitch.

Venditti said the following about the story arc:

“Justice League is DC’s premier team book and we’ll be focusing on exactly that: Team. Teams are powerful, but they’re also messy. Everyone isn’t always on the same page with the same ideas about what’s best for the group. Even more so when the team is made up of the most accomplished superheroes in the world, and they’re tackling world-ending crises. The threats that the Justice League faces will pull from the mythologies of the individual characters and test the team as never before. Both outside and within.”

Robert also said working with Doug Mahnke is a dream. Check out his interiors, and you can see why.

Joining Venditti and Mahnke on the creative team is Richard Friend and David Barron. Justice League #40 is on sale February 5 with the Final Orders due January 13 so be sure to let your local comic shop now you need to have the issue.

DC has also released Arthur Adams variant cover art for issue 40, Hitch’s covers for 41-43, and Francis Manapul’s cover art for 44 and 45. You can see the League will have their hands full with the Eradicator.

Are you excited for the new creative team and story arc?

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