Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 7, Episode 2 “A Distant Echo” Recap And Review

During last week’s episode, Captain Rex made a startling discovery on a mission with Squad 99, a group of experimental and mutated clones. The hope is the Jedi Council will permit them to follow up on the intel they obtained. With Anakin Skywalker in their corner, the chances of going on the mission won’t be a problem. Hopefully it’s not a trap set up by the Separatists.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 702, “A Distant Echo,” below.

Anakin and the Clones

When Rex and the Bad Batch return to the Republic line on Anaxes, Anakin believes the information that clone trooper Echo is still alive could be a trap. Regardless, he’s willing to go along and figures the Council will likely approve the mission. First he needs to take care of something with Rex’s help–a secret holo-call to Padme.

Rex stands guard outside as Anakin catches up with his wife. He mentions he feels Rex is letting his personal feelings drive him too much on the mission, and Padme says she wonders where he got that from. Obi-Wan arrives outside as Rex tries to stall him. As Anakin leaves and tells Obi-Wan it’s good the Council agreed to let them go (before letting Obi-Wan tell him what they really had to say on the mission), Obi-Wan tells Anakin he hopes he at least told Padme he said hello. Anakin gives Obi-Wan a strange look.

Arriving on Skako Minor

During the flight to Skako, it’s asked who the Bad Batch report to. Hunter says that’s a good question and apparently doesn’t really have an answer. The locals on the planet attack them on flying reptiles and carry Anakin away. Of course he drops his lightsaber. Crosshair is able to shoot a line to it and the others pursue in their ship.

When the squad arrives at the locals base, they swiftly and efficiently gain control of the situation. Tech then uses his gear to translate their language. The aliens say they don’t want their war on the planet. That’s why they took their leader. Anakin explains they didn’t bring the war here. It was the Separatists and Wat Tambor. One of their men is being held captive. As soon as they can free him, they’ll leave the planet for good. The aliens agree to help with some scouts to the city. Then they’ll be on their own from there.

This is a Stealth Mission, Right?

Tech manages to track Echo’s signal to a lift that goes way up above ground. Anakin reminds the clones they’re on a stealth mission. As soon as the doors open and droids are seen on the other side, Wrecker charges out with his massive gun firing away. The droids are quickly taken care of.

Echo’s signal is pinpointed to behind a sealed door. Wat Tambor comes on a screen and laughs at how predictable the clones are. He says the algorithm predicted all their moves. Rex immediately refutes there being an algorithm. He declares they are not leaving without his friend.

More droids and more high octane fighting by the Bad Batch, Rex, and Anakin.

Tech and Rex enter the room as the others continue fighting oncoming droids. Inside is a control room with a single pod. Opening it, Rex sees Echo attached to machines. Echo starts babbling about having to escape to the shuttle and then recognizes Rex. Echo is in disbelief that he came back for him. Rex says, “Sit tight, trooper, you’re going home.”


The second episode of the new season was another strong entry in the Clone Wars saga. The more we see of the Bad Batch, the more they can be appreciated. They may not fit in with the natural design of the other clones, and they do feel a little out of place, but that’s the fun of their addition.

If we’re just talking about four mutated clones being used on select missions, it’s not unreasonable to believe they’ve existed during the past six seasons or so. Plus, we don’t know who they report to. If it’s Palpatine, we know he always has several things up his sleeves. We never saw Rex, Cody, or the others in the movies either. It’s also possible the Squad 99 may meet their demise during this season.

It was good to see Anakin have a private moment with Padme, even if it was through a hologram. She did appear in the early stages of her pregnancy. This is out of place with the fact that it was after Anakin and Obi-Wan fought in the “war” when Anakin discovered she was pregnant during Revenge of the Sith. Perhaps he was just oblivious to her pregnancy until she actually told him?

Hopefully we’ll see more of the intense action as the Bad Batch enjoys diving into the battles without a second thought. More importantly, hopefully we’ll see Ahsoka and what she’s been up to since she left the Jedi Temple ASAP.

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