Batman: The Adventure Continues Chapter 1 – Review

Nothing can stop Batman. Not even the current quarantine the world is facing. DC Comics has released the Chapter 1 of the digital-first Batman: The Adventures Continue. The series channels the essence of the beloved Batman: The Animated Series (currently streaming on DC Universe). That means not only are we getting a new Batman series, we’re practically getting a continuation of that great show.

The first chapter, entitled “Hardware,” brings Batman face to face with some familiar foes along with a mystery that just might catch him off guard.

Batman: The Adventures Continue cover by Dave Johnson.

As you read the story, you’ll soon feel as if you’re becoming immersed back into the animated series. The reason for that is because this book is co-written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett–both producers of the show. The visuals will make you feel at home as well as Ty Templeton returns to adapt the animated universe in the comic format. Monica Kubina’s colors add shine and even more depth to the spectacular visuals.

The story doesn’t skip a beat as we witness Batman out on a typical night of patrolling Gotham City. After a quick encounter with Bane, Batman soon has to deal with a giant robot thief.

This isn’t just a simple robbery Batman must thwart. The item being stolen will lead to a bigger story. Burnett and Dini are quick to remind us that Batman does reside in a larger shared universe. The comic fanboy (or girl) in you won’t be able to resist getting excited over the possibility of a certain guest appearance, despite this being a Batman solo book.

Speaking of Batman being on his own, there is mention of Bruce Wayne having taken in Tim Drake as his ward a “while ago.” That helps to establish the timeline when this story takes place. You’ll also notice there is a certain individual observing the skirmish between ad the robot. Clearly it has to be Jason Todd. I’m blown away I never really thought about the fact the animated show started with Dick Grayson and then jumped to Tim Drake being Robin. We never saw what happened to animated Jason Todd.

If this wasn’t enough to excite readers, Bruce Wayne attends a party and there are other familiar faces there as well.

You know something bad is going to happen when Lex Luthor makes an appearance.

Batman: The Adventures Continue is off to a fantastic start. It’s a joy to be given the chance to venture back into the animated universe. The digital comic chapter format may make the reading experience feel a little fast, but there’s no denying how much fun this series will be. Thankfully we only have to wait a couple weeks for the second chapter. We may hunger for more of the animated series, and all involved help give us the next best thing.

If you’re looking for a fun Batman story to celebrate your love for the character, don’t miss out on Batman: The Adventures Continue. You can purchase it on Read DC, comiXology, and Kindle. It’s only 99 cents!

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