Unboxing: Funko Soda: Ramona Flowers Convention Exclusive

It’s Unboxing Time.

I’ve never purchased a Funko Soda vinyl figure before. I won’t lie, I thought you actually got some sort of sugary soda along with the figure. It turns out, the can is the package in which the figure comes in. Silly me.

This was meant to be part of the exclusives at Emerald City Comic Con. Funko made them available online since the convention has been pushed back to August. There is the regular, as seen on the can, as well as the chance to get the chase variant figure. I preferred the regular. Watch the video to find out if I got the regular or the chase.

I do like the style and packaging for these Soda figures. I’m not sure if I’d necessarily want to start down the road of trying to collect more since getting the Pop figures is already a bit much. I may pick up another here and there.

What do you think of the figure and style? Are you collecting any of the Soda figures?

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One Reply to “Unboxing: Funko Soda: Ramona Flowers Convention Exclusive”

  1. like the video, sadly the only scott pilgrim, i have heard of was the video game on ps3… heard about the movie, but have yet to watch it, always wanted to check it out..anyways cool figure… thanks Tony … stay safe

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