Random Podcast From Heck Episode 138: Countdown, Harley Quinn, Run, And More

This week’s movie feature jumps back to 2019’s Countdown. Would you download an app that told you how long you had until you died? Of course, there’s going to be some dark things that go along with it. There’s a new HBO show covered this week called Run. It had a pretty interesting first episode. You can also hear about the additional “episode” of Tiger King. Listen so you don’t have to watch it. There’s also Westworld, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Harley Quinn along with comics and news.

Don’t forget about this week’s bonus Secret Podcast From Heck (exclusively on Patreon) for more movie or comic talk.

Time Codes for Episode 138!

  • 00:00:00 – 00:29:37 Intro/News
  • 00:29:37 – 00:45:27 Comics?
  • 00:45:27 – 01:02:50 Westworld E305
  • 01:02:50 – 01:11:08 Run E101
  • 01:11:08 – 01:22:32 Tiger King E108
  • 01:22:32 – 01:33:41 Star Wars: The Clone Wars E709
  • 01:33:41 – 01:41:37 Harley Quinn E203
  • 01:41:37 – 01:54:22 Countdown
  • 01:54:22 – 01:57:03 Outro/Preview

You can also download the episode on iTunesStitcherSpotify, or download it here or here.

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