Unboxing: Funko Fantastic Four – The Thing

It’s Unboxing Time!

This week, there are a couple of things to look at in the video. Continuing the look at the Fantastic Four Funkos from last week, we’re going to look at the standard version of the Thing along with the Target-exclusive 10-inch version. You should notice right away, they’re not the same exact Funko Pop. They hare in slightly different poses.

The last time I got a 10-inch Funko (Gladiator Hulk), his head became unglued in the box somehow due to its weight. Let’s find out if I had better luck this time.

There is something about Ben Grimm’s character. He looks cool despite having a simple rocky appearance. Maybe it’s the little touch of the piercing blue eyes along with his noble personality. It’s hard not to be a fan of the character and perhaps even feel a little sorry for him.

Let me know what you think of the different sized Funkos. Have you purchased any of the 10-inch versions? Are they too big or do they add to your collection?

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