Amazing Art Picks: Stargirl, Nightcrawler, Punchline, And More

The coolest comic book art you won’t see in comics.

The reason you won’t see this art in comics is because artists often draw sketches, warm-ups, and commissions and post them on their Instagrams, Tumblrs, and Twitter. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out to stay up to date with what they have going on.

Click to enlarge(Header art above features art by Todd Nauck, Chris Giarrusso, and Jim Lee.

Todd Nauck posted at-home commissions on his Instagram. You can watch him draw on his YouTube channel.

Bernard Chang posted more art on his Instagram. How amazing is that Mazinger Z one?

Dan Parent posted Sabrina art and some goofy-looking guy on his Instagram. You can get headshot art of other characters by Dan through Archie Comics here or directly through his Instagram.

Rod Reis posted recent commissions on his Instagram.

Reilly Brown also posted Cosmic Ghost Rider art on his Instagram.

Terry Dodson posted Mandalorian and the Child art on his Instagram.

Agnes Garbowska posted new art on her Instagram, most go up for sale. She’s also doing art videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays with a chance to win art on her Twitch and YouTube. You can read the details HERE.

Daniel HDR posted recent commissions on his Instagram.

Joel Gomez posted Lady Death art on his Instagram.

Franco posted new art on his Instagram. Check out his online store to see what pieces he still has for sale.

Gabriel Hardman posted recent commissions on his Instagram.

Chris Giarrusso posted new sketch cards and art on his Instagram that he sold on his website.

Peter Nguyen posted more Legend of Zelda art on his Instagram.

Chrissie Zullo posted painted Avatar art on her Instagram.

David Marquez posted a couple commissions on his Instagram.

Norm Rapmund posted Batman and Raven commissions on his Instagram.

Leonardo Romero posted Ellie art from Last of Us 2 on his Instagram.

Chris Uminga also posted Joker art on his Instagram.

Ethan Castillo posted new art on his Instagram.

Gene Gonzales posted Loki art on his Instagram.

Aaron Laurich posted new art on his Instagram. You can buy his art at his Etsy store.

Skottie Young posted Spider-Man art on his Instagram.

Jim Cheung posted Doctor Strange art on his Instagram.

Jim Lee is still posting art on his Instagram and auctioning them off for different “brick and mortar” comic shops. Other artists have volunteered to contribute as well.

And here’s a Moon Knight water color pic my daughter made for Father’s Day.

That’s it for this week. Let me know what you think of all the art.

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