Agents Of SHIELD Season 7, Episode 6 “Adapt Or Die” Recap And Review

The time-traveling adventures of the agents continues. They’re still in the 70s dealing with the aftermath of the Chronicoms’ latest plans to alter Earth’s history. As the Chronicoms continue to be one step ahead, the team will become even more separated after their next move.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 7, Episode 6 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD below.

(All images courtesy of ABC Studios).

Lockdown At The Lighthouse

Coulson and May are brought to General Stoner in the lighthouse. A lockdown has been initiated despite Stoner not ordering it. The computer systems have locked onto the “bogie” that shot down Project Insight. Coulson tells him anything electronic has been hijacked, but Stoner doesn’t really want to listen to the guy carrying a bag of explosives.

When Coulson and May are taken to an interrogation room, Coulson tries explaining again what’s happening. He asks them if they’ve visited Malick, and Coulson says yes, he’s Hydra. Stoner replies, “Not anymore. He’s dead.”

The Zephyr suffered some damage from the Lighthouse’s attack. They don’t have proper shielding if they time jump (which can happen at any time). Simmons is struggling because she can’t remember how to fix different parts of the ship.

Everyone’s Locked Up

After Stoner and an agent leaves the interrogation room, May tells Coulson she thinks the other agent was a Chronicom. They begin arguing because Coulson says she should some emotion and Stoner seemed to know her. Chronicoms can’t show emotion. She retorts that he’s able to. Coulson replies again that he’s not a Chronicom. They’re not like him. He also says it’d be nice if she showed some sort of reaction to him. He didn’t ask to come back. He understands that she doesn’t feel things, but she hasn’t said anything. May tells him that’s the problem. He always comes back. She’s not falling for it again, especially not for something with a simulated personality.

Coulson points out now she’s starting to show some emotion, unless she learned it from him. Then he realizes that’s what the Chronicoms are doing. They’re mimicking him and adapting. They clearly replacing agents and Stoner is going to be next.

Mack and Yo-Yo managed to locate where his parents are being held. Mack is taken aback to see his parents but tries to contain his emotions.

Surgery For Daisy

Daisy wakes up handcuffed in what appears to be a barn. Sousa is already awake. She tries her quake powers but can’t. Nathaniel shows up with a couple of goons. He thinks they’re both Inhumans and mentions Daniel Whitehall’s procedure to transfer abilities.

Daisy is taken first. Nathaniel took as much blood and spinal fluid as he felt she could handle. He’s going to put it inside himself. If that doesn’t work, they’ll switch from needles to knives. Sousa tries comforting her even though she’s barely conscious. He talks about when his leg was injured. Then he sees she managed to bring in a piece of broken glass.

When one of Nathaniel’s goons comes for Sousa, he uses the broken glass to stab him and knocks him out. He uncuffs himself and Daisy and moves to carry her out of there. The room starts quaking a bit, and he wonders if Daisy is doing that. Nathaniel is standing in the doorway. He says his bones are cracking as the barn starts collapsing.

Chronicoms Are Replacing Everyone

May and Coulson manage to save Stoner before he gets replaced. He says he believes Coulson now. Coulson then finds a place where he believes they’re bringing in the Chronicoms.

Underneath the lighthouse is a ship full of hunter Chronicoms waiting to be woken up. He access controls and is digitally transported face to face with Sibyl, the Chronicom leader. She seems willing to answer his questions and says they both want the same thing–to ensure the survival of their species. The difference between the two is time. Humans have a limited amount so they tend to act irrationally.

Coulson says she’s wrong about three things. The different is humans are willing to make sacrifices, which come at a real cost. They’ll never give up. The third thing is him. He hasn’t feared death in a long time. In fact, dying is kind of his superpower. He leaves the virtual world and grabs his bag of explosives. He calls May and says he found the ship. He just hopes she’s right about the next part and blows everything up, including himself.

As for Mack and his parents, on the way to the Zephyr, May realizes she doesn’t get any reading from his dad. Mack confronts him and it leads to a fight on the quinjet. His parents have been “gone a while.” Mack has no choice but to fight back, which ends with his “parents” getting shoved out the hangar door while in flight.

Momentary Respite?

Deke discovered Simmons has some sort of implant in her head. He used a defibrillator to knock him out when he examining Simmons. It turns out he was inspecting her memory so they could fix the Zephyr. She mentions again how it’s important no one knows where Fitz is. He’s exposed. The implant is suppressing her memory. She later makes Deke apologize to Enoch and asks him to keep this a secret.

When Sousa arrives, Daisy is put in the healing tube. Enoch asks him this is his last chance if he wants to stay behind and stop moving forward in time. He looks at Daisy and says he’s right where he needs to be.

Right when the Zephyr makes its next jump, Mack hops on a motorcycle and gets ready to leave. He says he just needs some air. He doesn’t go too far from the Zephyr. Deke walks out to check on him, and Simmons tries calling him on the radio. The call is full of static. Simmons says something is deteriorating, and the Zephyr is about to leave. Deke yells at Mack, who just ignores him. The Zephyr makes another time jump, leaving the two behind.


There was a lot of danger for the agents this week. We often see them handle different parts of the mission on their own, but this week really kept the team separated. Now we’re left with some pretty big questions to think about until next week.

Did Coulson survive? We don’t know too much about the technology that brought him back. He’s part LMD but also has some Chronicom tech in him. It seemed weird an EMP blast from a crude 1955 device would knock him out. That doesn’t make it seem likely he’d survive the explosion he set off. Obviously bullets don’t harm him. Could the same be said for an explosion? Would the mechanical bits under his “skin” remain intact?

Will Daisy still have her powers? Maybe I’m just forgetting whatever technique or theory Daniel Whitehall had. Nathaniel’s attempt to get Daisy’s powers did work. He just wasn’t able to control them. Since he only took (a painful amount of) blood and spinal fluid, it would make sense her body could compensate for the loss, especially if she’s in the futuristic healing pod.

What’s next for Mack and Deke? The next episode is apparently called, “The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D.” Looks like they’ll be getting into some shenanigans in the 80s. How long will they be separated from the others? More so, how much will they age before they are eventually reunited with the Zephyr?

Will we ever see Fitz this season? We’re about half way through this final season. It’s weird that we haven’t even seen a glimpse of him. Either Iain De Caestecker wasn’t available to shoot even the tiniest scene or perhaps his appearance has changed in some way in order to carry on his part of the mission in the future or wherever he’s hiding.

We need another season after this.

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