Wonder Woman New Creative Team Announced For Issue 759

There are some changes coming to the pages of Wonder Woman this month. DC Comics has announced a new writer for the series beginning with this month’s issue #759.

Mariko Tamaki will be taking over writing duties. Tamaki is a New York Times bestselling writer and has also written books such as Supergirl: Being Super and Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass.

Wonder Woman #759 cover art by David Marquez.

The beginning of Tamaki’s run begins with art by the amazing Mikel Janin (Batman) for issues 759 and 760.

It’s a brand-new day for Wonder Woman! As Diana starts to pick up the pieces of her life following her battle with the Four Horsewomen and her run-in with the Phantom Stranger, Man’s World has become more complicated to navigate than ever before. It seems everyone has a take on who Wonder Woman should be—some who look on her heroics with admiration, and some who lie in wait to seek revenge. A familiar threat is watching Diana’s every move, and now is the perfect time to strike…

Check out the preview pages featuring Janin’s art.

If the David Marquez cover wasn’t enough for you, you can also get issue 759 with a cardstock variant cover by Jim Lee.

Wonder Woman #759 variant cover art by Jim Lee.

Wonder Woman #759 is on sale July 28 and features 28 pages. The regular version has a $3.99 cover price while the Jim Lee cardstock cover variant will run $4.99.

What are you hoping to see in the new story arc for Wonder Woman?

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