Wolverine Is Getting A New Arch-Nemesis

Wolverine is about to get a new enemy. Marvel has released a teaser for the upcoming X of Swords crossover. In the third chapter, Wolverine will face a new enemy who will apparently become an ongoing problem for him.

Who the heck is Solem?

Marvel does a good job with it’s teasers. They don’t reveal much and leave us guessing. The only information accompanying this image is the following:

Thor has Loki. Spider-Man has the Green Goblin. And now, Wolverine has Solem. Don’t miss the first appearance of Wolverine’s new arch-nemesis in X OF SWORDS, CHAPTER 3: Wolverine #6, on sale in October!

Wolverine does have his share of enemies. There’s Sabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and others. Perhaps with the new mutant nation of Krakoa, some of those enemies aren’t as evil as they used to be. Although Omega Red is doing some pretty bad things and breaking the new mutant laws. We’ll have to see how much trouble Solem causes for Logan.

What do you think his deal will be?

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