Why You Should Read Stillwater #1 By Chip Zdarsky And Ramon K. Perez

Every week we have an onslaught of new comic books to read. It can be tough trying to decide which books to pick up and which to pass by. We unfortunately do not have an infinite amount of cash and time to buy and read everything.

Every once in a while a new series pops up that deserves your immediate attention. One such book is Stillwater by Chip Zdarksky and Ramón K. Pérez.

Zdarsky may be known to joke around a tiny bit. The truth is, while he is pretty humorous, he’s also a very very good writer. I’m talking award-winning caliber stuff here. (You can Google “What awards has Chip Zdarsky won?” and you’ll get some answers from the fine folk in charge of the internet). Stillwater is the type of new comic I love getting my hands on. I managed to avoid Zdarsky’s award-winning newsletter posts about the book. (Actually, I’m not really sure if he’s won any awards for his newsletters). There is something euphoric about being able to jump into a new series without having a clue what’s going to happen next.

Despite this joyous feeling of reading the unknown, I am going to tell you a tiny bit about the first issue.

The story begins with our main character Daniel. He isn’t having the best day at work. This leads to an even worse night out. (Whether it was a truly horrible night can be debated). The next day he receives a letter in regards to an unknown great-grand-aunt and is to head to the small town of Stillwater. Once he finally arrives, things slowly start getting really really weird.

How weird do things get? Click on the preview pages to get an idea how fishy things just might be in this town.

Pérez’s art is always wonderful to see. Along with Mike Spicer’s colors, the world Daniel resides in and the town of Stillwater come to life. There is so much feeling and fluidity within each panel. Everything feels so natural. It’s almost as if each panel is a snapshot from the real world and then colored and made to look more like a comic page.

Stillwater feels like the type of story that would perfect for a TV series. It has all the perfect elements you’ll find intriguing. There are some fantastical and unexplained (so far) occurrences that will make you say, “What the heck is going on here?” We even have the semi-eerie small town that is hiding some sort of dark and juicy secret underneath the surface of it all. If all that wasn’t enough, there’s a “Holy crap!” moment at the end along with a cliffhanger that will make you go, “Ooooooh…” In other words, it’s a really dang cool comic book.

Looking back at what I wrote, maybe I didn’t say too much about why Stillwater is a book you need to read. Trust me when I say this first issue will get you hooked. Chip Zdarsky, Ramón K. Pérez, and Mike Spicer are cooking up a fabulous feast of a comic. It even has the Skybound imprint which means that Robert Kirkman has probably read it and dug it as well. Don’t miss out on this book! Trust in Zdarsky.

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