Unboxing: Marvel Unlimited Membership Kit 2020 And 2019

It’s Unboxing Time!

This week we’re looking at the Marvel Unlimited membership kit from the past couple years. Marvel Unlimited is the digital subscription service that gives you access to over 28,000 comic books. There are different plans available after your seven day free trial. The cost is $9.99 a month. You can save fifty dollars with the annual play of $69 a year. If you want more, you can go with the Unlimited Plus plan for $99 a year, which comes down to $8.25 a month. That’s still cheaper than buying two comics a month.

With the Plus plan you get the membership kit, featured in this week’s unboxing video along with invites to certain Marvel events and 10% off Marvel merchandise. Check out the exclusive items in the current membership kit (still available) as well as the previous year. It turns out I filmed the 2019 kit a year ago but never got around to posting it. Whoops. It’s attached after the current kit’s unboxing. So that’s two unboxing videos in one!

It is a great service. Let me emphasize again, this isn’t an ad. I’m paying and willing to pay for access to all these comics. I may own a lot of them, but it’s so much easier to be able to read from the huge selection. Paying extra for the kit is worth it to me. I’ve also been able to attend exclusive panels at San Diego Comic-Con (where you often get exclusive variant comics or posters).

You may not get immediate access to the brand new weekly comics, but Marvel does a pretty good job updating the catalog every month. You don’t have to wait too long to read the current titles.

You can see the full details here.

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