Why You Should Read BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE #1

Everyone loves Batman, right? This is evident by the different Batman-related titles currently available. We’re getting some fantastic stories in Batman by James Tynion IV, and there are some interesting things brewing in the pages of Detective Comics. Even this week’s Joker #2 (by Tynion and Gullem March) has some stellar Batman moments.

Since we can never have too much Batman, this week there is a brand new series featuring the Dark Knight. Batman: The Detective is the first of a six-issue series set in the immediate future.

Batman: The Detective #1 cover art by Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson.

It might be easy to think, “Well this is just an out-of-continuity miniseries so why should I buy it?”

The easy answer is: Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert. These two names alone will guarantee I’ll check out whatever book their working on. Put the two together, there’s no way you can pass on this.

Tom Taylor is a rock star when it comes to writing comics. His stories are always unpredictable. You never know if you’re going to get an emotional, heart-warming moment or witness your favorite character(s) get their hearts figuratively torn out. He may put the characters through the wringer, but you can definitely count on a story that will elevate or evolve said characters to a new level.

Andy Kubert’s pencils and inks are always a joy to behold. The fact that he’s been part of the creative team for so many epic Batman stories in the past gives the immediate feeling that this will be yet another one of those stories. Throw in Brad Anderson’s colors and if my eyeballs had mouths, they’d be drooling over all the visuals.

What about the story?

Normally I find myself a little skeptical over “future” stories. For example, some of the Future State stories were interesting, but I found myself not feeling connected to the stories since they would likely have little relevance to the current continuity.

The story in Batman: The Detective simply feels like it matters. Maybe it’s because it’s Batman, but it’s easy to imagine this slightly haggard Batman is something that could eventually happen. We don’t want to think of an older Batman, but it’s fun to think about where he might end up. He still fights like an unstoppable tank, and because his body is older, he’ll need to mix things up a little.

If you look at the preview pages (above), you’ll see we have a strange mystery brewing when a plane is hijacked by a group sporting white Batman masks. We also have an appearance by Beryl Hutchinson a.k.a. Knight (the former sidekick, Squire, to the UK version of Batman). If the mystery of the plane being hijacked wasn’t enticing enough, you’ll want to see what Beryl’s fate is after her encounter with this group. This, and the fact it was a Wayne Airlines flight, is what brings Batman into the story.

The other night thing about this being out of continuity is you don’t have to worry about what else might currently be going on in the various other Batman-related titles. This is a story you can dive right into. If you know who Batman is, the book is immediately accessible.

Tom Taylor, Andy Kubert, and Brad Anderson are giving us an alluring new Batman story that everyone can easily pick up and devour. Readers have many great Batman comics to read each month, but this is a little different. Seeing an older Dark Knight gives the story a more unique feel, even though the characters is still recognizable as the brooding detective we all know and love. Batman: The Detective is a book you’ll want to want to read after you fasten your seatbelts. We have an intriguing story with nice, big action along with a sense of “anything goes.”

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