Fear And Excitement Over The Moon Knight Trailer

“Who’s your favorite superhero?”

It’s a question I get a lot. My answer: Moon Knight and (Mike Allred’s) Madman.

As a kid, I’d easily answer that with Spider-Man, Batman, or Superman. It was when I first started reading and collecting comics that I discovered Moon Knight. There was just something about him that pulled me in. I was hit with disappointment after disappointment when his comic book series would end, get relaunched, and then canceled again. It felt like Marvel wasn’t sure what to do with him.

My fear over the release of the trailer comes in two parts. The first is because I love the character so much. I want him given the justice he deserves in his first live action adaptation. Marvel Studios has been doing a great job with the characters, but sometimes little elements are lost or tweaked. There was a lot of silence after the Disney+ series was announced. It even seemed like Oscar Isaac was never officially announced as the lead. Why all the secrecy?

The trailer is finally here!

It looks great, right? Even so, it’s to allow myself to get too excited. I really don’t want to get my hopes up too much. I don’t want to get disappointed if something isn’t quite right, in my opinion.

What was the second part of my fear?

It’s a little more selfish on my part. Having characters like Moon Knight and Madman as my favorite allowed them to feel like they were mine. By them not being humongously huge mainstream characters, it’s like they belonged to me. Over the years I have made some online friends who share the same great taste. An unspoken exchange of respect would be passed. We knew the secret of how awesome they were while others worshipped the alter of Deadpool or some other mainstream hero.

It is officially time to share Moon Knight with the world. That’s okay. Provided Marvel Studios continues to show how much they care and understand the characters, it’s going to be an amazing time for old and new Moon Knight fans.

Everyone is about to find out why Moon Knight is the best.

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