SDCC 2022: The Gray Man Training Program Experience

San Diego Comic-Con is back.

After three years, the convention is underway. While there is a lot to do inside the convention center with the various panels and sights and comic creators to see on the show floor, there are also many “activations” you can take part in. These activations take place outside the convention center and are actually open to the public. In other words, you do not need a convention badge to get in. Some do require proof of COVID vaccination or negative test results.

The activation for Netflix’s The Gray Man was pretty fun. There is basically three parts to it dealing with skill, strength, and speed. You have thirty seconds to complete each part. You also have to sign a waver basically saying if you fall or anything, it’s your fault.

I tried filming the experience during. I should’ve recorded the mission briefing. Also, during each part, I became focused on the task so the footage might not be the best. Perhaps it’s for the best to not “spoil” everything.

Check it out:

So basically, the first you have to figure out how to open the train door. There might’ve been a slight glitch on getting the knobs to turn to full green. The second was the test of strength. The fun and stressful thing is it’s not super-clear what exactly you’re supposed to do. The key is to listen to any audio or visual cues. The third part was the speed test — running on top of the train.

They had a pretty cool set up with the crashed train car and camera over head.

You also get an action scene trailer at the end.

I should definitely mention the movie is directed by the Russo Brothers. In case you haven’t already seen the actual trailer, this one gives a pretty good idea at how much crazy and intense action the movie contains.

The Gray May is exclusively on Netflix beginning Friday, July 22.

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