How Captain America & His SECRET EMPIRE Defeated The Marvel Universe

Captain America is not the man we thought he was. Last year it was revealed he was secretly loyal to Hydra his entire life. After readers picked up their jaws from the floor, they demanded to know why and how this happened. The explanation involved a Cosmic Cube that gained sentience in the form of a small girl calling herself Kobik. The Red Skull persuaded Kobik to rewrite Cap’s history.

Captain America has recently taken over Hydra by defeating Red Skull. With a meticulous plan set in motion, he was able to strengthen his position of power as the director of SHIELD and made his move against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This is how he weakened his opponents.

With the release of Secret Empire #0, it’s revealed there may actually be another slight twist to the explanation of Cap’s past. Be sure to read the issue for the full details.

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