Agents Of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 19 “All The Madame’s Men” Recap And Review

In the previous episode, it was shown just how dangerous being in the virtual world of the Framework can be. Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons are trying to rescue their friends that have been trapped by Aida, the Life Model Decoy (who is known as Madame Hydra in the Framework). Daisy has been captured (and beaten) by Hydra while Jemma witnessed the death of one of their colleagues. That death was enough to give Daisy another ally in the fight against Hydra.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Season 4, Episode 19 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “All The Madame’s Men,” below.

Daisy’s Transformation And New Partner

When Melinda May witnessed Jeffrey Mace’s sacrifice, she realized she wasn’t fighting on the right side. She helped Daisy go through Terrigenesis by bringing a Terrigen Crystal to her when she was locked up. As the two made their escape through the Triskelion building, they found themselves facing Madame Hydra and some guards. Daisy used her Quake powers to send Aida flying through the glass elevator, landing several stories below.

Fitz Is The New Head Of Hydra

Aida disconnected herself from the Framework to recalibrate after the fall. Inside the Framework, she’s in a coma and her spine has been severed. Fitz’s father, Alistair offers to deal with the search for the traitors as he stays by Madame Hydra’s side. When Aida does wake up, she tells Fitz to finish Project: Looking Glass as Alistair questions Radcliffe about the traitors and the “other world.” When he doesn’t get any answers, he begins to continue the questioning with his fists.

Coulson And Ward’s History In The Framework

Ward is determined to find Skye/Daisy. Coulson tries telling him it’d be best to wait since they don’t have any leads. When Ward dismisses Coulson’s suggestion due to the fact he’s just a school teacher, Coulson reveals he was approached by someone to join SHIELD but was afraid to follow through. Ward counters that he had the same offer. Victoria Hand came to him when he was serving time for arson. She was the first person that told him he could be a good man. It was Skye that made him believe it.

Simmons And Trip Figure Out Aida’s Plan

With SHIELD trying to pick up the pieces after Mace’s death, Simmons looks over the spy photos Agent Triplett obtained. She recognizes it as Darkhold tech for energy manipulation. Knowing where the device is likely being built, they fly over to an oil rig but discover it’s deserted. Simmons realizes the device is being built in the real world. She’s also able to figure out from the plans that Aida is trying to manipulate living matter. She wants to make herself into a real person. Trip doesn’t understand everything Simmons is saying but believes her because it’s too crazy of a story to make up.

Daisy And Ward Have A Talk


When Daisy and May make their way to SHIELD headquarters, she finds out Trip is alive in the Framework, and Ward takes the opportunity to talk to her. He asks if she believes what Simmons has been saying about the other world. When she says she does, he’s a little let down. Daisy tries telling him to trust her because she knows a way for them to get back home. He knows this doesn’t include him and calls her “Daisy” instead of “Skye.”

Later the agents raid Bakshi’s Hydra-proganda television studio to show the truth to the public. Using the footage of Mace’s sacrifice from May’s body camera, Coulson records a speech on the evil ways of Hydra and how everyone can be a Patriot. Daisy is unable to hack into the broadcasting system to lock the broadcast so Ward offers to stay behind to fight off any Hydra agents that show up. He tells Daisy he’d hate for her to think he was anything like the Grant Ward from her world. She confesses that she didn’t quite understand Ward until she met him in the Framework. Now she knows there was some good in him all along.

As the broadcast goes out, Agent Burrows runs in to tell Ward there are people outside. Ready to fight them off, he’s told they’re not Hydra. The people are there to help fight.


With only a few more episodes left in the season, things are building up as the conclusion approaches. Daisy blasting Aida out through the elevator was unexpected but further shows how messed up and committed Fitz is to her. When he informed her he completed the device for her, he asked if she would take him with. This is something that could have a big impact on the future of the characters. We have to assume they’ll have their memories of what happened. Fitz will know what he did, and it’ll be interesting to see if and how the Framework version could emerge into the real world. What will Simmons think of his “relationship” with Aida? It’s also likely Mack will find it difficult to leave his daughter.

Having the return of Ward and Trip along with the death of Mace, it’s hard not to imagine how they could be brought back into the real world. If the device with the Darkhold tech is complete, would it be possible to make a “real” body for Ward and Trip? Could Mace be brought back since his memories were uploaded into the Framework? Would it be too much for viewers to accept having one or more of the main cast on the show as an LMD?

It’s great when an episode makes you think about the different possibilities for the rest of the season. We’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what they throw at us next.


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  1. Since we now know Aida is using the Darkhold to build her machine, Do you think there’s a chance Ghostrider could show up again, maybe in the framework? It would be nice if they could somehow connect everything back to the first half of the season.

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