Batman And Flash Investigate The Mystery Of The Button In FLASH #21

In Batman #21, the Dark Knight was caught off guard when pondering the mysterious button that appeared in the Batcave. A visit by the evil Reverse Flash didn’t quite go in Batman’s favor. Details on that meeting can be seen here.

In the second part of “The Button,” Barry Allen has arrived to help with the mystery. Check out the video for some minor spoilers from The Flash #21.

Batman might not be ready for who he’s about to meet. The story continues in Batman #22, on sale May 3. Batman #21 and The Flash #21 are on sale now.

What do you think will happen next?

6 Replies to “Batman And Flash Investigate The Mystery Of The Button In FLASH #21”

  1. Glad to see your still working in comics miss hearing your podcast hope you start one again soon Gman. Comic vine was one of the biggest reasons I got back into comics. Looking forward to visiting your new site

  2. I love you Tony thanks for everything you’ve done over the years and good luck. I will be following, keep us updated on where your career takes you please!

    What ever happened to Cory on your old podcast?

  3. You sold me. I’ve not picked up any new books for a while. I’m going to pick up Batman and Flash for this story.
    Thanks Tony, looking forward to new podcasts from you.

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