Agents Of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 22 “World’s End” Recap And Review

The agents are mostly free from the virtual world of the Framework, but the battle against Aida is far from over. Now that her plans have come to fruition with her emergence into the real world, she’s displayed the raw power she now possesses courtesy of the Darkhold book. In trying to deal with her newly gained set of emotions and the feeling of betrayal, SHIELD has a big problem on their hands. They’re also about to discover that she is not the only thing they’ll have to deal with.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Season 4, Episode 22 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “World’s End,” below.

Ghost Rider Is Back

Robbie Reyes has returned. He gets his car from a SHIELD impound and immediately goes after the Darkhold. Easily destroying the LMDs (Life Model Decoy) with his hellfire chain, he then turns his sights on Aida. When her arm is struck by the chain, she discovers she cannot heal from the wound. This causes her to teleport to safety. Daisy discovers he went after his car and Robbie joins the others on the Zephyr-1.

Talbot And SHIELD

General Talbot gets a hold of Coulson to let him know there is an inquiry concerning SHIELD’s status after Mace’s death and the discovery he wasn’t an Inhuman. He demands Coulson or one of his agents show up to defend SHIELD and set the record straight. Because Aida is determined to destroy them, their presence would endanger the lives of other. At the hearing, the Russian LMD and another dignitary LMD throw out accusations that SHIELD is secretly using and weaponizing Inhumans. Showing the Darkhold, they say there is a way to deal with the Inhumans. When Talbot begins to argue, Daisy Johnson enters the meeting room and shoots him in the head. It was actually a Daisy-bot. Aida is hoping to recreate the Inhuman fear and hatred that was present in the Framework. Coulson and May arrive to shoot the two LMDs several times, causing them to flee without taking the Darkhold with them.

Aida Vs. Simmons/Aida Vs. Ghost Rider

Coulson has a plan to deal with Aida. Fitz and Simmons are trying to keep the Framework from collapsing on itself because Aida decided to start wiping it out. Aida teleports in and Simmons tries stabbing her from behind with a screwdriver. Aida gets the upper hand and stabs Simmons in the chest, but she hasn’t thrust it in completely. Fitz pleads with her not to kill Jemma and says he’ll give her the Darkhold. Aida electrocutes Jemma and teleports out. Surprise! It was really a Simmons-bot she killed.

Aida teleports to where Coulson and the Darkhold are. When he grabs her, Aida remarks how he won’t be ale to stop her. There’s a second surprise as Coulson transforms into Ghost Rider. Aida tries teleporting away abut Ghost Rider still has a hold of her. She finally goes up in flames in front of Fitz and the others, turning to a pile of dust when Ghost Rider throws her remains at the floor. Ghost Rider was willing to temporarily enter Coulson and agreed to return to Robbie after they got the Darkhold. As for why Ghost Rider made this deal, this is something Coulson doesn’t want to tell the others about yet.

Yo-Yo, Mack, And Radcliffe In The Framework


Yo-Yo was bound when she arrived in the Framework and about to get shot by a Hydra agent. She is saved by Radcliffe because Daisy was able to push him towards her. He takes her to SHIELD headquarters where she sees Mack and his daughter Hope. Mack walks past her with no recognition, but she refuses to give up on him. Parts of the world inside the Framework are disappearing in front of their eyes as the code for the Framework is being deleted. Yo-Yo tries convincing Mack to leave, but he still insists he can’t live a world without his daughter. When an exit door appears, Yo-Yo decides to stay with Mack. In a heartbreaking moment, Mack holds his frightened daughter only to have her disappear while in his arms.

In the real world, it appears their time has run out. Yo-Yo wakes up and pleads with Mack to return. He does wake up, and the two talk. Yo-Yo apologizes for trying to take Mack away from Hope. He says he’ll always have those years with her inside him. He also realizes what he could have with Yo-Yo in the real world.

Radcliffe sits on the beach alone. He realizes his dreams of immortality are gone. He’s fine because he can’t imagine life without his beloved Agnes. As he raises a drink to toast, he suddenly disappears.


The End

SHIELD has won the day. Robbie is able to make portals now with his chain. He’s going to take the Darkhold someplace where it’ll be safe. It almost looks like he goes to Maveth, the planet Simmons was stranded on. Talbot is alive but in a coma. Coulson decides they should all go for a bite to eat before they get arrested or have to deal with the authorities. In a diner, they’re all eating. The power flickers off and back on. Soldiers with guns enter. A silhouetted man stands behind Coulson and activates a device that freezes them all. They’re taken away.

In the final scene, Coulson wakes up in a cell of sorts. He hits a switch and looks outside. He’s in space and says, “Okay Phil, enough sight seeing. Get back to work.”



What does that ending mean? There are a few questions we’re left with. Where is the Russian’s head that is controlling all the LMDs? (Is he going to fully turn into MODOK?) Where did Robbie take the Darkhold? Was it Maveth? What deal did Ghost Rider make with Coulson? Does it have anything to do with his soul? Will Talbot survive getting shot in the head? (Probably). Who came for SHIELD? Who was that silhouetted man? What the heck is Coulson doing in space?

This was a great season finale. The three main storylines from the season came together and wrapped up perfectly. This was the first time we didn’t have a double-episode finale, as with the last two seasons. It gave the show a nice change of pace, especially seeing the big baddie defeated before the very last moments of the episode. We got to see a tiny bit of downtime, and it was a joy to see them all together after everything they’ve gone through this season. You can’t have a finale without a huge cliffhanger. Coulson’s predicament is a big one. It’s going to be a long wait until we hear anything about Season 5.

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