What Does Jay Garrick Have To Do With The Button From Watchmen?

The final chapter of “The Button” is here in The Flash #22. When Wally West returned to the DC Universe (in DC Universe Rebirth), Batman discovered the infamous button from Watchmen embedded in the wall of the Batcave when Wally disappeared. Batman and Barry Allen wanted to investigate what it meant and whose blood was on it. When a reaction occurred and Reverse Flash appeared, the mystery grew larger.

You can see videos for the previous chapters here:

Here’s a taste of what happened in The Flash #22. There will be some spoilers.

What does all this mean? Obviously Doctor Manhattan isn’t finished messing with the DC Universe just yet. I’m sure you caught the mention of Laurie, aka Laurie Juspeczyk, aka Silk Spectre. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until November’s Doomsday Clock to find out more.

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