Captain America Kills An Avenger In Secret Empire #7

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

The latest big story from Marvel Comics, Secret Empire, is winding down, and we all know you can’t have a comic book event without the death of a major character. The Marvel Universe has been turned upside down since it was revealed Captain America had been secretly loyal to Hydra his entire life. It was explained this was due to a sentient cosmic cube altering his past and reality. This may have happened more than once, and it appears there just might be another Steve Rogers fighting his way back.

Note: There will be spoilers for Secret Empire #7 below.

With the death and destruction his evil reign has delivered, Black Widow figured the only solution was to take Steve Rogers out. She recruited a group of young heroes to help her gain intel and get closer to Rogers. One of those recruits was Mile Morales, aka Spider-Man.


In the recent Civil War II story arc, an Inhuman with the power to receive visions of the future saw Miles kill Captain America. As Miles and Natasha headed towards Washington D.C., she determined he wasn’t a killer and tricked him into getting locked inside the quinjet. She went after Cap but was intercepted by the Punisher, who sided with Captain America. He confessed Cap told him his secret–Rogers was going to use the cosmic cube to make the world what it was supposed to be and bring back everyone that was killed. Natasha didn’t believe this.


Meanwhile, Miles managed to escape the quinjet and found himself facing Captain America. As Black Widow said, Miles wasn’t a killer, but he was determined to try to do his part to save the world. The two knew their clash was inevitable and begun to fight. Natasha was able to stop Punisher and made her way to stop the confrontation. Unfortunately, Captain America was too busy focusing on Miles and wasn’t aware of Natasha’s arrival. In the chaos, he delivered a killing blow.


Cap and Miles were both shocked by this outcome. Outraged, Miles began to beat on Cap. It appeared Steve was still in shock and, along with Miles’ fury, the Hydra leader was defeated. Miles had been struggling with the outcome of the vision for some time. It appeared it was time to allow the prophecy to be fulfilled.


Nadia Pym, the Wasp, arrived and begged Miles not to kill Captain America. She mentioned that everything Natasha did that day was to prevent him from becoming a killer like her. Nadia and Natasha were both forced to become killers when they were young. They didn’t have a choice, but Miles did.

Miles realized he wasn’t a killer, and they escaped before getting arrested by Hydra forces. Cap recovered and decided it was time to declare war against the resistance.

Secret Empire #7 is written by Nick Spencer with art by Andrea Sorrentino, Rod Reis, Joshua Cassara, and Rachelle Rosenberg. The series was originally a nine-issue series, but a tenth issue has been added. Secret Empire #8 is on sale August 9, with issue #9 set for August 23 and issue #10 on August 30.

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