13 Reasons Why To Be Excited About Avengers: Infinity War

The long awaited Avengers: Infinity War trailer has been released. This movie is what the past ten years have been leading up to. It seems pretty much every character we’ve seen will be making an appearance. Let’s just hope with Thanos in the picture, it won’t mean the death of too many characters.

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You’ve likely watched the trailer already several times, but let’s take a look at 13 reasons why we should be really excited for this movie.

Vision Goes Through Changes

giphy (6)

It looks like Scarlet Witch and Vision have made up since Captain America: Civil War. The two found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

What’s really crazy is Vision has managed to take on a human form. Could this be from the Infinity Stone on his forehead? Has Wanda used some of her hex spells to help make this happen?

Unfortunately the two may not have too much time to explore the new situation.


Banner Is Back On Earth

2 banner

Spoilers if you haven’t watched Thor: Ragnarok yet.

When Thor came across Hulk on Sakaar, it was revealed Hulk had been fighting on the gladiator world for two years. Banner had no idea how much time had passed. He told Thor if he changed back into Hulk, he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to revert back to Banner. Obviously he was wrong or else he found some help with the transformation.

Banner and Natasha (with a new blonde hairdo) are also reunited. Has she been waiting for his return the last two years?


New Team-Ups

3 four

Doctor Strange encountered Thor and Loki in Thor: Ragnarok. Now it’s time for the Doctor to meet up with some more Avengers. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner find themselves teaming up with Strange and Wong. An earlier scene shows Hulk possible falling and smashing into the Sanctum Sanctorum. Either way, the Avengers will definitely need Strange’s help. There’s also the Infinity Stone in Strange’s possession Thanos will likely be after.


Loki And The Tesseract

4 loki

Oh Loki, what are you up to now? It’s possible when he took the Tesseract from Odin’s vault, he ended up saving it from Ragnarok. Loki may be trying to turn over a new leaf, but he always ends up doing the wrong thing.

When he’s seen holding the cube, is he about to use it, or is he about to hand it over to someone like Thanos?


Enter Thanos

5 enterthanos

Thanos has made some appeared in past Marvel Studios films. His appearances weren’t overly spectacular, but now it’s time for him to show everyone what he’s fully capable of.

When he enters the scene, he’s calm and cool. He’s determined to obtain the Infinity Stones and doesn’t care how many heroes might get in his way on Earth.


Spider-Man’s New Suit

6 spidey

Tony Stark offered another new suit to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He passed on it and avoided being the star of a big Stark press conference. With Thanos in town, it’s clear the young hero will definitely want as much in his arsenal as possible.

Hopefully the suit won’t be too distracting and get in the way of showcasing his character and true abilities.


Hulkbuster Iron Man Is Back

7 hulkbuster

Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor may have only played a small part in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it was great to see Tony fight an enraged Hulk.

The question is: Why is Tony wearing the armor? Is it because Hulk is back on Earth or does he plan on using it against Thanos?


Thanos Vs. Spider-Man

9 thanos v spidey

Spider-Man usually fights street level villains. He may have pounded the cosmic-powered Firelord in 1985’s Amazing Spider-Man #270, but we’re still talking about a Spider-Man who is pretty new to the superhero game.

Peter is going to be pretty happy he put on Stark’s “Iron Spider” suit with the pounding Thanos gives him.


Thanos Vs. Vision

10 thanos vision

Vision’s days may be numbered. Walking around with an Infinity Stone on his forehead won’t be the best move when Thanos strolls into town.

If the stone is removed from his forehead, what will that mean for Vision? How much of the stone is responsible for giving Vision life?


Thanos Vs. Iron Man

11 thanos v iron man

This could be the reason Tony puts on the Hulkbuster armor. Thanos delivers a punch that you can almost feel through the screen. Although, who knows if the Hulkbuster armor would even help take down Thanos?

Thanos appears to be fighting several Avengers one-on-one. It could be possible the scenes above all take place around the same time. The Avengers will want and need to take him on at the same time. If Thanos does gather up all the Infinity Stones, fighting him at the same time won’t make a difference.


Lots Of Fighting

12 fight

It won’t just be the Avengers fighting Thanos. The Mad Titan is also bringing an army. Thankfully, the Avengers will have some assistance by T’Challa and warriors from Wakanda.

We can also see that Bucky Barnes has been thawed out and will likely have a fancy new arm made from Wakandan technology.


Avengers Assembled

13 run

Once all the Avengers get together, it is going to be hard to resist standing up out of your seat and cheering them on.

Will there be too many characters sharing screen time? Possibly, but it’s going to be rad seeing them fight side-by-side.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Assemble Too

14 gotg

With Thor out in space, it makes sense he’d run into the Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, space is a big place, but it’s likely the Asgardian ship was attacked by Thanos in order to retrieve the Tesseract. The Guardians are probably on Thanos’ trail, and this is how they meet Thor. This will also give them a reason to make a trip to Earth–a place Peter Quill hasn’t been to since he was a kid. Imagine all the new music he’ll be able to add to his collection.


*Bonus* Captain America’s Got A Beard

8 cap

Maybe Steve Rogers having a beard isn’t extremely exciting, but it does give him an edgier look. We can assume Steve’s been on the run or in hiding since Civil War. He may have given up being Captain America, but hopefully someone will “get this man a shield.” Steve slugging it out with aliens is going to be fantastic.


If you need to watch the trailer again and don’t feel like looking it up, check it out below.

What was your favorite moment from the trailer?

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5 Replies to “13 Reasons Why To Be Excited About Avengers: Infinity War”

  1. Where’s Thanos headgear? I have a feeling the Hulkbuster armor is for Black Dwarf who might be in charge of getting the Wakanda infinity stone. That looks like wakanda in the background of where the Hulkbuster lands.

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