Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 3 “A Life Spent” Recap And Review

Phil Coulson and his agents are boldly going where no SHIELD agent has gone before. Now that they’ve had a tiny bit of time to adjust to their new surroundings, there is still the question of why they were brought into their present situation.

As they work on their mission, the new environment isn’t their only concern. With alien threats and more surprises headed their way, the new story is just beginning to unfold.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 3 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “A Life Spent,” below.

Simmons And An Inhuman


Simmons has to work as one of Kasius’ human servants. With an important guest arriving, Simmons is told to “fix” the problem with a girl named Abby. Abby is an Inhuman who recently went through Terrigenesis. Abby has the ability to control the density of her body, but she can’t fully control her powers. If she doesn’t perform at the upcoming ceremony, she and her family will be punished.

Simmons manages to get Abby to focus, but their time together is cut short. Abby has to fight a huge guy in a mini-arena. She’s taking a beating, and Kasius’ guest is not impressed. Looking at Simmons, Abby closes her eyes and concentrates as the hulking guy punches her again. Abby managed to increase her density, and the punch smashes the guy’s fist and forearm. He goes to grab her by the throat as Abby outstretched her arm, which phases through him and then solidifies. Kasius’ guest is pleased and pays him for the girl.

Working On The Chain Gang


Coulson, Mack, and Yo-Yo are indebted to Grill after he vouched for them with the Kree. Forced to work sorting the scavenged material collected, Grill and his lieutenant, Zev, are making life miserable. After Yo-Yo gets zapped for not working fast enough, Mack attempts to walk into their office to have a word with them. The metric attached to his wrist is pulled to the doorframe. This was actually an excuse to do some recon and see what was kept inside.

The digital scroll they obtained before is inside the office. Yo-Yo manages to get it and hand it off to Daisy when no one is looking.

A Trip Out In Space


With Virgil dead, May joins Tess in the trawller run to look for more salvage material. Coulson and Mack manage to get assigned to the trip since they’re expendable. Coulson wants to use the opportunity to investigate and area Virgil kept going out in space. The number “616” kept popping up in his notes. Tess recognizes it as a designation for a chunk of dead rock in space. Coulson thinks Virgil could have hidden something. Unfortunately, Zev is going along on the trip to keep an eye on them.

Tess brought along the little globe Virgil religiously brought along with him on every trip.  He said he liked to visualize what Earth would look like after it was fixed. Coulson discovers a knob hidden inside that opens a compartment with a radio inside. They start up the radio and Zev discovers what they were up to. A fight breaks out, and Mack knocks him out. Tess says, they’re dead for attacking a superior.

They do manage to pick up a transmission. There’s nothing at the big rock, but the signal is bouncing off it, originating from the shattered remains of Earth.

Daisy Is Looking For Trouble

While reading the scroll, Deke finds her. He wants to stop her from seeing the “big guy,” but Daisy is determined, especially if it means finding Simmons. They argue, and he calls her “Quake: Destroyer of Worlds” after she hits him with a mini-blast.

She ends up in a nursery-type area of the colony ship. When she’s about to take an elevator, a couple Kree enter. An impressive elevator fight follows. Blasting her way to another level, she soon finds herself trapped in a corridor by an invisible force field. As she starts to get gassed, she sees Kasius walk up, accompanied by Deke. It seems Deke ratted her out, and Daisy manages to tell him she’s going to kill him before passing out.

What’s On The Surface?

When Coulson, Mack, May, and Tess face the wrath of Grill, Tess tries taking the blame. Yo-Yo jumps in and says Zev is carrying contraband–a gun, and used it to threaten her. Yo-Yo planted it on him. Humans are not allowed to have guns so Zev is sent to the surface of Earth–where people are sent to die. When Zev is on the surface, he is soon surrounded by the alien roaches.


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We’re starting to get more of an idea what we can expect this season. The Kree may be in charge of the space colony, but since Kasius had a guest, we know there are others around nearby. Seeing a hidden structure on the remains of Earth makes you wonder who, or what, might be there. When they managed to decipher the transmission, it was a message to Virgil asking if the “delegation” had been secure. We need to find out who Virgil was working with and how they managed to get the agents sent into their future through the monolith.

There’s also the question of what is Fitz doing? He was left behind at the diner, but Virgil somehow had a postcard Fitz wrote on. Will Fitz work in the past to try to save them, or will he find where the monolith is located and journey through it?

The introduction of the mini battle arena possibly means we’ll be seeing more fighting soon. Chloe Bennet has posted Instagram stories during filming and she has cuts and bruises. It’s likely Deke “selling her out” will lead to Daisy fighting in the arena. Will she be fighting other humans or will we see other alien races from the Marvel Universe?

The season is shaping up to be something completely different from what we’ve seen before. That’s what makes this such a fun show to watch.

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