Marvel Releases Fantastic Four Covers By Humberto Ramos & Nick Bradshaw

Every now and then, Marvel has been releasing variant covers to the upcoming Fantastic Four #1. I’ve lost track of how many there will be. While too many covers can feel like a bit much, it’s great to see the publisher pouring so much energy and talent into them. (Plus no one is forcing you to buy them all). The team has been gone for too long, and each press release is a reminder that they are actually are bringing the title back.

This week there are two more covers unveiled.

The first is by Humberto Ramos (preview code: MAY189392).


The second is by Nick Bradshaw (preview code: MAY189329).


Talk to your local comic shop if you’re interested in trying to order these covers.

Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli is on sale August 8, 2018.


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