Doc Ock Gets His Own ‘Superior’ Comic

Marvel is unleashing a wave of teasers for next week’s San Diego Comic-Con. We already saw Spider-Gwen’s new name. Now we get the revelation that Spider-Man’s nemesis, Doc Ock, is apparently getting his own series–The Superior Octopus.


As with the other teasers, no additional information is given. The only line of text is: “Doc Ock-Tober Starts (And Ends?) Here!

Could that insinuate this will only be a one-shot? Perhaps the question mark means the fate of an ongoing or limited series will depend on the reaction and reception from comic readers. We can assume the book will be released in October as well.

If you’re saying to yourself, “This sure as heck doesn’t look like the Doc Ock I remember,” you are correct. You may recall that Doc Ock was actually dying. In a “final” battle with Spider-Man, he managed to insert his consciousness into Spidey’s body and became the SUPERIOR Spider-Man. After Peter Parker was able to regain his body, it seemed Octavious was dead. He wasn’t. He now has a new Spider-Man cloned body, which is easier than going to the gym to get a summer body.

As far as who will be writing or drawing the book/issue, that information has yet to be released. Further information will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con during the Spider-Man panel on Friday, 7/20 at 12:30-1:30pm PT in room 5AB.

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