X-Men: Extermination To Make Things Right With Cyclops

The X-Men have always had a crazy and convoluted history. That’s always been part of their charm. In the past few years, things have gotten even more complicated–especially with Cyclops, the leader of the team.

During a battle against the Avengers, Cyclops started becoming more intense than usual. His actions resulted in the death of Professor Xavier, and afterwards, he lead a mutant resistance team which upset his former teammates. Eventually during the fight against the Inhumans (yes, Cyclops kept picking fights with everyone), Scott Summers died.

A younger time-displaced version of Cyclops still exists in the Marvel Universe. The original X-Men were pulled from their time period and got stuck in the present. Again, X-Men comics can get pretty wacky.

Could Marvel be teasing the return of the original Cyclops?

Art by Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia.

In the latest teaser leading up to the various announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, a mysterious image of who we can assume is Cyclops is seen holding his classic visor. The only text for the five-issue X-Men event is: “Set It Right.”

Because young Cyclops is still running around, it seems more likely this is dealing with the original. There are still many Cyclops fans upset with the way things played out. This could be Marvel’s way to restore Cyclops as the great leader of the X-Men. Unless this is a new character that can somehow shoot laser beams from his belly button.

No word on when we’ll find out more. Marvel hasn’t mentioned any Comic-Con panels where it might be revealed or hinted at.

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What do you think this means?

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