Unboxing: Funko Marvel Collector Corps–VENOM

The latest Funko Marvel Collector Corps subscription has been released. This is the second box since Funko switched to having Amazon as the exclusive retailer in charge of fulfilling subscription orders. The first box featured Deadpool, and its contents were a little disappointing. Find out if this latest box, featuring Venom, is worth your subscription dollars.

Overall? I’m too impressed. The Funko Pop! was cool. The little figure was decent. The other stuff? Not really stuff I really want or need. It’s hard to pinpoint why these last two boxes haven’t been slight let downs. Before, each Collector Corps box was pretty impressive. I would assume Funko is still determining what items are inside. It’s just weird it feels so different just because they switched the way it’s mailed out.

Now it’s time to decide whether or not to let the subscription roll over for the next box. Marvel Studios First Ten Years is pretty vague. It could feature anything. It’s going to be hard to resist getting it. Fingers crossed it’s only a matter of warming up, and the next box will be back to its normal awesomeness.

What do you think of these items?

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