Marvel Teases The End Of Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen no more?

Marvel has released a teaser, and it’s enough to make you panic. As with past teasers, pretty much no information is given. All we have, aside from the issue number and creator credits is a take on the infamous “Spider-Man no more” image.


  • Written by SEANAN MCGUIRE
  • Cover by BENGAL
  • July 2019

It appears Gwen Stacy has decided to throw away her crime-fighting identity in order to focus on playing drums for the band The Mary Janes.

Let’s be honest, Gwen has had it pretty rough in her universe. Gaining spider-powers instead of Peter Parker, she became his protector when school bullies continued to pick on him. This caused Peter to creat a version of the Lizard formula, which resulted in his death. Gwen blamed herself for the death of her best friend. To make things worse, J. Jonah Jameson publicly blamed Gwen, as Spider-Woman, as being responsible for Peter’s death.

Later Gwen loses her powers and has to rely on radioactive isotopes to use her abilities. She then bonds with a Venom-type symbiote, spent some time in prison, and had her secret identity revealed to the world.

Trying to be a hero has been difficult, so perhaps Gwen will throw it all away.

Not likely. After all, how many times has Peter Parker quit being Spider-Man? Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider is a popular character, especially after her appearance in Into the Spider-Verse. We’ll have to wait and read the July issue to find out what happens.

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