Cloak And Dagger Season 2, Episode 8 “Two Player” Recap And Review

Tandy and Tyrone just can’t catch a break. Last week, the two were separated fighting their own battles and finally reunited. Of course something immediately goes wrong. The tables have turned, and now it’s Tyrone who’s life is in danger. Tandy will do whatever it takes to save him, including getting help from others.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 8 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Two Player,” below.

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Tandy Goes After Tyrone

Tandy brought Tyrone to the abandoned church after he collapsed. His body is increasingly getting smokier, and she calls Evita for help. Brigid also arrives after looking over the police scene at the motel. Evita draws some symbols and says some prayers to Papa Legba while Tandy and Brigid jump into Ty to enter the Darkforce Dimension from above.

They arrive at the Roxxon gas station and see Papa Legba, in a different form this time. Tandy gives him candy and is allowed to proceed. The mall has changed and is now an arcade. This is where Tyrone is. Tandy sees him glued to a video game and exchanges words with Baron Samedi, a loa of Haitian Vodou. He says Tyrone has already made his payment of worries and has to stay there. Tandy convinces him to let her play for Tyrone. She has to play the video game, and if she can convince him to leave, they both can go.

Evita’s Decision

Evita continues saying prayers to Papa Legba and asks for sight to see what’s ahead. She sees her auntie and is relieved to see her, not realizing she was only there in spirit, at first. Chantelle tells her it’s okay and it’s her time to dance with the ancestors.

It’s now Evita’s time to take over Chantelle’s place. Evita doesn’t want this because she has plans to go to college and wants to have a life. Chantelle says she was chosen to be a voice and was born with the sight. When Evita asks if she has a choice, Chantelle says she does, but only one will save her man. If she chooses to save Tyrone, she’ll have to marry the loa.

Evita prepares a wedding ceremony.

Brigid and Mayhem

When Brigid entered the Darkforce Dimension with Tandy, she wasn’t allowed to go with her. Legba told her she had her own path. She ends up at the mall inside and hears music from the record store. Andre is inside after taking some misery from Lia because he was suffering from another migraine. Mayhem grabs Brigid from behind before Andre sees her.

Later inside the record store, Mayhem explains that the records represent the girls that went missing. They start talking later about coming to an agreement. Mayhem says if she leaves with Brigid, she doesn’t just want to be locked away in a box for whenever Brigid has road rage or something. Brigid tells Mayhem she’ll get to drive. They are now merged.

The Fight And Exit

Tandy tries talking to Tyrone, who’s playing a game called “Duel to D’Spayre.” The game features the two of them after they’ve been injected with “radioactive heroin.” They have to fight a seemingly endless horde of nameless thugs in order to get to the boss level. Inside the game, they appear to be in the real world instead of pixilated versions of themselves on the screen.

When the final level takes place in the motel, Tandy starts to hesitate, saying the enemies keep coming. Tyrone tries to encourage her by saying since they’re together, they’re going to win. Then the “boss” arrives–Andre with his trumpet. As soon as Tandy sees him, she walks away from the game.

Tyrone is mad because now they’ll have to start the game over. He’s tired of losing. Tandy asks him why he won’t leave. What about his mom? Why did he go to the hotel to save her? Tyrone replies, “I couldn’t imagine my life without you.” Tandy tells him she did. Andre made her see him die in front of her. The one person who understood her was gone, and it was her fault.

Suddenly a bouquet appears in the arcade and, Samedi tells them Tyrone he’s allowed to leave and to take his friends with him. Evita’s ceremony worked.

When Brigid/Mayhem, gets back to the real world, she goes to the motel with gas and lights the place up. Tandy goes to see her mom, but finds empty beer and prescription bottles. She crumples to the floor crying, and Tyrone appears besides her, offering comfort.

Other Things

Tyrone’s mom went to Father Delgado with the file on Connors. She wants him to use it because, as a priest, he won’t have to reveal where it came from. Delgado tells her he’s no longer a priest since he disgraced himself. She manages to convince him to help Tyrone, but he says she has to confess her sins first. It’s been seven years since her last confession. She tells him she held the man who killed her son and framed her other son captive. All he wanted was forgiveness. She shot and apparently killed him.

Andre appears in good spirits after his latest “fix.” As he drives away, Lia’s body is seen on the side of the road.


This episode continued to show the power of Tandy and Tyrone’s relationship. Both are perfectly capable of taking on the world on their own, but together, they can handle anything. There are some tough moments as each deals with their own struggles. Throughout, we get some great lines where the two reiterate just how much they need each other. “I would rather fight a hundred times with you than one time without you”

Besides a cool and quirky video game fight, a lot of other things went down that complete shake up the landscape for the other characters. We’ve been seeing Brigid struggle with who she is and what she’s capable of compared to Mayhem’s desire to punish and kill the bad guys. Now that they’ve combined, it’ll be interesting to see what this mean. Her/their first act was to destroy the motel so the prostitution and trafficking can’t easily start back up there. And if Brigid allowed Mayhem to “drive,” will she always be in control?

Tyrone’s mom’s confession was pretty crazy. You never quite understand what you’d be willing to do until you actually have a child. Connors wanted to do the right thing, but the fact is he did kill Billy and has put Tyrone’s life in jeopardy. Connors has already been missing for eight months. Will she get away with murder?

What will Tyrone think about Evita’s decision to “marry” a loa? Is he going to feel more guilt because she had to make this choice in order to save him?

With just a few more episodes left this season, Tandy and Tyrone (and Brigid) still have Andre to take down. Hopefully the season will end on a happy note. Tyrone and Tandy have been through so much hardship. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’ll get some time relax and enjoy life without constant hardships and fighting.

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