Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” Recap And Review

Last week we saw SHIELD has been regrouping with Mack as the new Director. While investigating strange energy occurrences, the team was shocked to see what appeared to be Coulson leading a small group of people. With an agent getting killed, it’s a race to track down the new threat. Meanwhile, what happened to Fitz out in space?

Warning:There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Window o Opportunity,” below.

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Who Is “Sarge” And What’s His Plan?

Sarge and his crew (Jaco, Trok, and Butterfly) “shop” for supplies at a convenience store. It’s clear they are not from Earth as they drink a slushy for the first time and comment on how you can determine a lot about a word from its currency. The report of the robbery will eventually make it s way to Mack at SHIELD.

Sarge’s truck is equipped with a cloaking device, and they comment on the fact their dead comrade (who got stuck halfway through a concrete wall) was their tech expert. Because they need something they refer to as “PEG,” their next move is to rob a jewelry store. It turns out PEG are crystalized rocks that are naturally charged.

They lock themselves in the vault with the salesclerk, and Sarge uses a big device to paint a doorframe on the wall. He also did this earlier in the back of the truck. Placing a device on the wall at the top, a portal opens and connects the two places. SHIELD arrives and tries to break down the vault door. May decides to go back to the shipping yard where they were previously seen and finds the cloaked truck. She fights the three, but they end up escaping into the truck and closing the portal.

Dr. Benson’s Conclusions

Marcus Benson is upset that Mack’s been holding out on him. He just found out that Coulson had died and returned before. He also asks about how the LMD (Life Model Decoys) were constructed. His findings from a slushy cup at the conveniences store yielded some interesting DNA results. At first he thought it was alien DNA because of radiation markers he’s never seen before. Stripping those away, what’s left is a 100% match for Phillip J. Coulson.

Benson also figures out a piece of hardware on the concrete guy is some sort of biological hard drive. He access footage of a world getting destroyed. Coulson and one of the other guys are talking about getting out while they still can. He tells Mack, “Wherever they’re from, I think they destroyed it.”

Fitz’s Fight For Survival

Fitz is working on a spaceship as an engineer. He uses an “iris-scope” to give his eyes a silvery shine to pass as an alien. He gets found out which leads to the captain assuming he and Enoch are terrorists. Fitz pleads his case and says he could fix the heat shields and more for free. This leads the captain to decide he has no need to pay the engineering crew and they should be jettisoned out into space.

Fitz decides he couldn’t look Jemma in the eyes if he just sat back and let innocents get killed. He tries to make a stand for the crew, but the captain realizes even Fitz would be replaceable. Enoch watches while Fitz stands with the crew in the airlock. The captain hits the switch and ends up getting sucked out into space with his men instead of the crew. Fitz changed the wiring so a different hatch would open.

As the ship travels to a planet where the crew can safely find work without being branded as mutineers, the SHIELD ship with Jemma, Daisy, Piper, and Davis comes through a portal, just missing the ship Fitz is on. Jemma says Fitz is near because she can “feel it.”


This episode may not have been as explosive as last week’s premiere, but it was still a riveting watch. Watching the mystery of Sarge/Coulson unfold is intriguing. We can gather he is from another planet. Clark Gregg stated we wouldn’t be seeing Skrulls, and he has Coulson DNA. It’s interesting that the rest of his crew doesn’t know his full back story. When one guy asked him about the world “Coulson” they keep saying at him, Sarge said he didn’t know what it meant but it felt familiar somehow. If the showrunners have proven anything in past seasons, it’s we never know what to expect.

Despite seeing Sarge’s various robberies and May’s fight with the crew along with Fitz’s space adventures, we still haven’t seen Jeff Ward as Deke this season. It was also a little strange not seeing very much of Jemma, Daisy, and the others until the very end.

With an abbreviated season, we should be getting answers sooner rather than later. So far, the pacing feels pretty similar to past seasons, but there’s definitely has a different vibe from past seasons. This is a sign of an evolving show. No one wants teh same thing over and over. Things are likely to amp up in the next episode or so. It feels like we’ll get the rug pulled out from underneath us at any moment.

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