Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 11 “From The Ashes” Recap And Review

Last week we finally got some answers about Sarge as Izel revealed herself and her plans. The Agents are now faced with two separate tasks in order to stop Izel and save some of their own. They’re also about to face some surprises.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 11 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “From The Ashes,” below.

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Is There Any Hope For Sarge?

May asks Sarge why he never questioned where he came from. He says he had no idea he had someone else’s face and still doesn’t feel like another person. She pushes and he gets frustrated. He yells, “I’m not the cure for your loneliness!” and slams his hand down on the metal table. This leaves an indentation. Sarge is getting stronger.

Daisy doesn’t agree with the way May is handling Sarge. She urges Sarge to let the rage churning inside him out. When he says it’s not worth it, she taunts him by asking if he’s scared. He replies by trying to dig at her. He knows Coulson was like a father to her and asks if she’s still trying to work out daddy issues. Daisy adamantly states he is nothing to her.

Going back to the lab where Fitz, Simmons, and Deke are trying to figure out what’s going on with Sarge and how they can stop Izel. She’s frustrated with not being able to get anywhere with the “thing” downstairs, but Simmons suggests perhaps she’s not listening. She tends to run from things. At this, Daisy goes to her room and finally reads the letter Coulson left for her before he died.

After reading the letter, Daisy is even more certain Sarge is not Coulson. Returning to him, she asks if his powers and memories got stronger after May shot him? He continues to play it hard. Daisy says she wants to see what’s inside him and quake blasts him, snapping his neck. Watching in the lab, the others are shocked and ask what if he doesn’t recover? Suddenly the scanners show a power increasing inside him. When he recovers, he saw images of a temple. His hand turns black and flakey and he knocks Daisy out of the way before slamming the door away.

Daisy rushes to the lab and grabs the sword. She says he either tells them how to stop Izel or they check if the sword can really kill someone like him. She finds him, and he asks if she thinks she can really stop him. Daisy says this time she’ll actually kill him. Sarge tells her to go ahead because it’d be easier than doing it himself. He starts yelling at her to kill him as his face starts changing. When he yells, “Kill me Skye!” she hesitates. Sarge tells her to kill him before he gets any stronger. The memories are coming back, and he knows he’ll kill everyone there. Knowing he was going to sacrifice himself, she drops the sword and hugs him.

Izel, Yo-Yo, Mack, And The Temple

Yo-Yo wakes up in the Zephyr next to Mack. He has some head wounds and says Izel did this. Yo-Yo mentions Marcus Benson is the only one that has information about the temple and monoliths. This is what Izel wanted to hear and exits Mack’s body.

Benson and an agent arrive on the Zephyr via an quinjet as Izel inhabits Mack’s body again. Marcus says the runes reference the monoliths opening a doorway between their world and where Izel comes from. He also found a passage about “trapped souls yearning to be free.” He’s managed to narrow down the location to three possible sights. Yo-Yo tips off Marcus by referencing Agent Keller, who was killed by a shrike. When he refuses to give “Mack” the location, Izel slashes the throat of the other agent.

Yo-Yo and Mack are locked in the containment pod. She opens the Gravitonium orb to see what Marcus fears and what it’ll create. His dead husband appears and accuses him of pulling him off life support while he had been drinking. It takes an emotional toll on him, and Izel says she can keep bringing him back and killing him over and over. He has no choice but to help her.

After the Zephyr changes course, Izel moves to put Marcus in the pod. Yo-Yo rushes out to grab the orb. Izel jumps into her body and throws Mack aside. Mack then launches the pod out of the Zephyr so Marcus can tell the others where they’re headed. Izel is fine with this. She says they’ll need hosts for when the gateway opens. Yo-Yo later wakes up cuffed to a pillar and Mack inside an ancient temple. Izel opens the orb.

At the lighthouse, they hear from Benson and know where Izel is going. Deke watches video of the encounter between Sarge and Daisy where he mentions hearing a song. He grabs a knife and hits the blade which makes nose. Izel must be inhabiting bodies by using frequencies. She’s moving herself between atoms in order to occupy the same space as the host. They can build a sonic barrier to stop her.

When Izel opens the orb, Mack comments it doesn’t seem like anything is happening. She tells hi the temple was built from the same stone as the monoliths. When they all resonate in harmony, they’ll open a gateway to her home. Her family will come through and go across the galaxy. They’ll need to rebuild the monoliths. Since they’ve seen them, they can rebuild them. With this, they see Flint, from the future, has been brought there.


Looks like we may be getting Coulson back, sort of. The fact that he yelled out “Skye” shows that he has Coulson’s memories somewhere inside. The only question is–Can he control the power contained within? Having Coulson/Sarge back while struggling to contain immense power could be interesting.

It was funny seeing Deke try to keep up and fit in with Fitz and Simmons. He kept repeating their ideas to make it sound like they were on the same page. He did come through by figuring out how Izel’s possession power works. If the monoliths work using frequencies as well, this could put a stop to her trying to open the gateway.

It was surprising to see Flint return. Izel must have seen him in Mack and Yo-Yo’s memories. He already used his Inhuman ability of Earth manipulation to rebuild a monolith. Izel is obviously going to force him to do it again. But is he really there from the future or is this just a copy created by the power of the orb?

Next week the final two episodes of the season will air back to back. The description makes it sound as if not everyone will survive. From the interview session at Comic-Con, it seemed as if Clark Gregg will still be part of Season 7. They just finished the last scene right before Comic-Con. I wonder if we’ll have to wait until May for the season to premiere?

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