Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 12 “The Sign” And Episode 13 “New Life” Recap And Review

It appears Izel has just about everything she needs to accomplish her mission. She managed to find the location where she can open a portal to her dark dimension despite Mack and Yo-Yo’s attempts to stop her. Sarge is ready to put a stop to her, but will he be able to control the power within? With a double episode season finale, everything is at risk.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 12 and 13 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD below.

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Episode 12 “The Sign”

After Flint, the Inhuman from the future, is formed in the temple, Izel jumps into his body when she realizes she can use his powers to reform the monoliths. To keep her prisoners in their place, she uses Yo-Yo’s body to snap his leg. They’re able to escape and get Piper to fly him back to get medical care for his leg.

Deke makes lots of slap cuffs using their new tech to block Izel from jumping into people’s bodies. It turns out he brought his whole team to the lighthouse to work there. Fitz starts getting mad when he sees all the tech and ideas Deke has stolen in order to make a profit. Deke finally admits he built the company because no one likes him. He decides to use the untested jump drive to teleport to temple. 

Daisy, May, and Sarge make their way to temple. They make a good team which gives May more hope that Coulson can return to them in some form. Using shrike-killing bullets, they’re able to deal with the growing number of Izel’s shrike-infected zombies.

Daisy leaves them to try to draw the zombies’ attention away so they can enter the temple. Izel is almost scared to see the sword and says it doesn’t belong on this world. Sarge knocks her down and is going to stab her. Suddenly he can’t, and Izel laughs. May tries to reason to the goodness in him. Izel asks him what he remembers, and he says anger and fear—fear of the pain that’s in his heart. May explains that’s love. She knows because she was afraid of it too until he let her feel it. Sarge agrees and impales May. He wants to cut it out of himself and be done with it. He throws May’s body through the portal. Asks Izel, “How’s that for a sign?”

Episode 13 “New Life”

Sarge seems to be back to his old self. Izel says she’s looked him in the eyes many times but never in this form. Sarge is not happy she put him in this vessel and left him to rot. In the dark dimension, there is a temple identical to the one Izel and Sarge are in. Three cloaked figures ascend the stairs to a dais. They have stones around their neck that are similar to the three monoliths. The stones, when inserted into slots, will open up a door to allow Izel’s army/family to enter the temple and crossover through the portal. May is still alive in this dimension and pulls out the sword. She takes the three out with the sword and throws the stones through the gateway.

Izel is confused, but then accuses Sarge of either purposely sending May to the other dimension or he underestimated her. She decides she’ll have to handle it herself and pulls out a sword before jumping through the portal. They fight, but Izel manages to insert the three stones back into the slots. Izel says she doesn’t have to beat her since she’s done what she wanted to do and May’s body is already dead on the other side. 

Deke ran from the zombies to a quinjet. With some help, he is able to get the quinjet to the Zephyr. Some of Izel’s shrike-infected zombies have breached the Zephyr and managed to reach the armory. When they bust through, Yo-Yo uses her speed powers to shoot three zombies almost instantaneously. The victory is short-lived as a shrike manages to fly into Yo-Yo’s mouth and inside her. She asks Daisy to stab her when she starts to turn because Mack won’t be able to. Daisy isn’t sure she can either.

They make it to the temple and find Sarge alone. Before he can complete a sentence, Daisy starts quake-blasting him. His skin flakes off and reveals the demon beneath. He says she underestimates him, and he’s more powerful than she could ever be. He reforms his Coulson form and headbutts her away. Mack shoots him with no results. Yo-Yo tries making a move but crumples in pain from the shrike inside her. She asks Daisy to stab her, but she can’t. She hands the knife to Mack and turns to face Sarge.

Sarge tells Daisy they don’t stand a chance. Izel then comes through the portal behind Daisy and is about to stab her, but Sarge’s sword impales Izel. May fought off everyone in the dark dimension and made it back through the portal. Izel turns to dust, Yo-Yo starts vomiting black stuff, and Daisy throws the sword to Mack. Mack slices Sarge in half. The portal seals shut, and the temple starts shaking. Daisy goes to May, who is in really bad shape. May asks if there’s anything left after destroying the “thing” inside Sarge. She was hoping to see Coulson again.

The group of Chronicom hunters arrive at the Lighthouse. They shut down all comms and satellites. Their mission to take out everyone and “leave no prisoners.” Fitz and Simmons realize agents are getting killed because the Chronocoms know their safety protocols. Since they were both prisoners of the Chronicoms, their brain patterns were copied. Their only option is to blow up the sensitive equipment. Unfortunately there’s only one way in or out, and they don’t have a remote trigger. When three hunters enter and find them, one of the Chronicoms shoots the other two. It’s Enoch using a hunter’s skin. He has a plan to save them and the others, but they’ll to change the course of their lives forever. Fitz and Simmons reply, “Yeah yeah yeah…”

After Izel and Sarge’s defeat at the temple, Simmons and other agents in hazmat suits arrive. Simmons is acting almost…robotic. The agents take samples of the monoliths and Simmons says they’ll be gone soon enough. Entering the Zephry, things have been upgraded. Daisy asks how they did this. Simmons replies they had help and they had time. When Deke asks where Fitz is, Simmons says she doesn’t know, adding in a whisper, “I can’t know.”

It turns out the Chronicoms want to establish Chronica III as their new home planet here on Earth. They believe only SHIELD can stop them and sent hunters to destroy SHIELD and everyone within it. They lost the lighthouse. Fitz calls over the comm and the Zephyr is about to make a jump. As they leave, two missiles almost hit them but end up striking the temple instead.

Simmons doesn’t know where Fitz sent them so Daisy tries looking outside. There’s is heavy fog and she can see the Empire State Building. Simmons says that might be the tallest building in the world. The lighthouse wasn’t the only point of interest for the hunters.

The last bombshell is about to be revealed. The Chronicoms have Fury’s black box. Simmons says SHIELD needs an expert in their history. She wanted to ask May her opinion, but she’s still out of commission. There’s one person opposed to the idea she’s about to present. She says he has all his own memories and has been upgraded with the knowledge of everything he missed. He has Chronicom hardware which makes him their most advanced LMD. He’d be the best person to be Mack’s right hand man. Putting down a control, she asks Mack if he wants to consider the ramifications. Before he can say anything, Daisy slams on the control, revealing a Coulson LMD. He looks up and says, “Hey guys.”


What the heck just happened? It does feel like the final episode would have been better suited with an extra episode. After defeating Izel and Sarge, things got really crazy. We have to assume time-travel was involved. That’s the only way the Zephyr could be upgraded to such an extent. Enoch did tell Fitz and Simmons that they would have to change the “course of their lives” forever. I started thinking that Simmons had somehow been turned into a Chronicom since she was acting a little cold and robotic.

It was a little hard to see what happened to New York. There was some sort of construction happening on the Empire State Building. Simmons’ comment about it possibly being the tallest building now implies other cities were targeted and destroyed. If SHIELD is the only ones that would give the Chronicoms difficulty, I guess the show is finally giving up on the idea of this being a shared cinematic universe. It’s probably for the best since it seems having any sort of movie crossover is sadly out of the question.

Unless, they’ve gone into the past? Could we possibly see an Agent Carter crossover? This would also be a way to get away from the Chronicoms. Also, the show has already gone into the future so to do so again might be redundant. If they are in the past, they’ll definitely need to be cautious as to not completely muck up the timeline.

Coulson now fully “returning” as a life model decoy is interesting. This was actually a thought I (and many more) had before the show started. We all wondered how Coulson could return after getting killed by Loki in Avengers. It should be interesting to see how he reacts to his “condition” since he was opposed to the idea.

This was an insane season finale. That is almost par for the course now with the show. There’s no telling what the next, and final, season will bring. It’s weird to think the cast and crew have completed filming and the sets have all been taken down. We’ll likely have to wait until next May for the season to begin. It’s going to be a long wait.

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