SDCC 2019: Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans Interviews

For years, there’s been some fans of the original Teen Titans animated series upset with the fact that a sillier version, Teen Titans Go!, exists. Despite the current show having nothing to do with the original show ending, some original fans complained while a newer generation were introduced to the characters in a hilarious fashion.

Some of that tension may have subsided since there seemed to be a favorable response to last year’s Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. In the after-credits scene, the return of the original versions of the Teen Titans was teased. Now it’s become a reality.

Take a look at the trailer for Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, if you haven’t seen it already.

At San Diego Comic-Con, the voice actors and director were available to talk about the movie and the different versions of the Titans we’ll be seeing.

Scott Menville on Robin

Khary Payton on Cyborg (and Booyahs)

Tara Strong on Raven

Grey Griffin on Mrs. Claus

Sean Maher on Nightwing

Greg Cipes (and Wingman G) on Beast Boy

Jeff Mednikow on Directing and Producing

The movie will be released digitally on September 24 and the Blu-ray is on sale October 15. It seems like an ambitious project, but looks to be delivering the both of best worlds. And the word is, as Jeff unofficially teased, we’ll be seeing other versions including Art Baltazar and Franco’s Tiny Titans.

There’s also the possibility of the original Teen Titans returning for a sixth season. It all has to do with sales. If this movie is a success and Warner Bros believes there is enough interest, it could happen. Jeff Mednikow brought it up. Tara Strong also mentioned both could happen at the same time. We do currently have Teen Titans Go! and Young Justice: Outsiders airing.

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