Marvel Announces Daily Bugle Series

Pretty much anyone who has read a Spider-Man comic or watched the old movies or animated series knows how big of a role the Daily Bugle played in Peter Parker’s civilian and costumed life. Over the years, it became a bigger part of the Marvel Universe, but then started to take a smaller role as newspapers don’t quite have the same impact as they used to. There is still a lot of potential in having a news-gathering source in a world full of superheroes and crazy events. This allows a non-superhero perspective on what’s going on.

Marvel has announced a new five-issue series, Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle, which will focus on Robbie Robertson and the world of investigative journalism.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #1 cover by Mark Bagley.

In the series, Robertson will follow a lead involving Spider-Man and Kingpin’s past. What Robbie discovers could possibly change the way we look at Spider-Man. This could also affect anyone who has ever crossed paths with Spidey as well.

The story spins out of current events taking place in Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man and will be written by Mat Johnson (Hellblazer Special: Papa MidniteIncognegroLoving Day) with art by Mack Chater (Black Panther and the Crew).

The first issue goes on sale January 2020.

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