Agents Of SHIELD Season 7, Episode 3 “Alien Commies From The Future!” Recap And Review

It seems the Agents of SHIELD currently have some time on their hands. They were forced to jump from 1931 into a different time period while trying to defeat the alien-robotic Chronicoms and their plan to destroy SHIELD. The unfortunate outcome of their hasty time jump is they had to leave one of their own behind.

You can find out what happened last week here.

This week, in a new era, the agents will need to scramble to locate and stop the Chronicoms before they can make their next move to disrupt the timeline.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 7, Episode 3 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD below.

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You Built A Time Machine…Out Of A SHIELD Aircraft?

The Zephyr suddenly materializes and scares a young couple in the desert who were actually looking for UFOs. Simmons turns on the radio, and they realize they’re now in 1955. Coulson points out they’re close to Area 51, which is actually a SHIELD base. That most likely is the Chronicoms’ target.

Mack, Yo-Yo, Daisy, and Coulson head to the Flying Rocket Diner. Mack and Yo-Yo get a moment to talk about her new advanced-tech arms. She also mentions she wasn’t able to move fast. Mack suggests she’s still probably recovering from having an alien parasite inside her. Yo-Yo admits she now feels a little vulnerable. Daisy and Coulson talk about how May didn’t have any sort of reaction when she saw Coulson. Coulson is also in awe of being back in time during the precipice of the space race and how it’s a golden age.

The man they were waiting for enters. Gerald Sharpe from the Department of Defense orders coffee. Daisy puts something in the creamer which knocks him out. They bring him back to the Zephyr and tie him to a chair in a makeshift tent.

Agent Carter, Is That You?

Coulson takes the place of Sharpe to gain access to Area 51. A soldier approaches him and Simmons as they exit the vehicle. He says Sharpe is on the list, but his secretary hasn’t been cleared. Coulson corrects him that she’s not his secretary, she’s his boss. Simmons pulls out a forged SHIELD ID with her picture and Peggy Carter’s name.

They get a tour of some of the “advances” in technology such as a pretty large wrist communicator watch and a device that could potentially emit an electromagnetic pulse to knock out all electronics up to thirty feet. The device the Chronicoms are likely after is a piece of machinery called Helius that could power a space station. Coulson and Simmons figure the Chronicoms have already replaced one of the scientists inside. They decide to ask each of the scientists startling questions to see if it elicits a human reaction from them.

Agent Sousa Has Entered The Building

Agent Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter’s former associate, arrives to question the science team. He’s told they’re already being questioned and that Agent Carter is there. He soon finds Simmons, and she eventually realizes she’s busted. Sousa also finds Coulson and has him arrested. Coulson recognizes Sousa, and says he’s a “big fan.”

Daisy realizes Sousa is on base as she and Deke run facial recognition on everyone and heads over posing as a CIA agent. He questions her credentials at first, but he soon starts talking about the letter he sent with the possibility of sleeper agents within SHIELD. He takes her to where Simmons and Coulson are locked up, pointing out the lady had the worst fake accent. Daisy tells him he should definitely tell her that.

The Chronicoms Make Their Move

May and Yo-Yo also make their way onto the base as the Chronicoms begin their attack. One starts the launch procedure for Helius. While it doesn’t have the power to get it up to velocity, a Chronicom could sacrifice itself and cause it to explode, taking out all the SHIELD scientists in the area. Because neither is operating at 100%, May and Yo-Yo have difficulty stopping the Chronicom.

Simmons is trying to work on a solution when a second Chronicom attacks Daisy. Coulson jumps in and they begin wrestling on the floor. Simmons gets the EMP to work and it shuts down Helius, the Chronicoms (who melt when defeated), and Coulson.

As all this is happening, Sharpe escaped his bonds and sees the inside of the Zephyr. He wonders what kind of commies they are with all this tech. Mack says he can explain and knocks him out. Later Sharpe wakes up in the desert. A quinjet materializes in front of him. Mack pretends to be an alien over a spearker and says if Sharpe tells anyone what he saw, they’ll return and…probe him. Sharpe immediately rushes to the diner and tells everyone he’s been abducted by aliens from the future.


Marvel has delivered another fun and exciting episode. What’s interesting is a couple of things that happened dealing with the perception of races in the 50s. There is a huge call for change in the world today with the Black Lives Matter protests. Considering these episodes were completed a year ago, it’s extremely fitting to see Daisy point out the segregated bathrooms to Coulson in the diner making the statement that it wasn’t a completely enlightened time period. Also when Mack, Yo-Yo, and May couldn’t get any information out of Gerald Sharpe, Mack wanted Deke to talk to him. Deke was confused since he doesn’t have any actual SHIELD training. He soon realized it was because he was white. He muttered “Stupid white privilege” as he made his way to Sharpe.

The issues with May and Yo-Yo have to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Something happened to May when they were using tear gas in the science lab to get the humans to leave so the Chronicoms would reveal themselves. She said she couldn’t breath, but it wasn’t clear what caused that. Yo-Yo also tried using her speed powers to grab the Chronicom in the lab and wasn’t able to move.

The appearance of Sousa was great for Agent Carter fans. Hopefully we’ll see more of him. Could we possibly see Peggy at some point? It. hasn’t been announced, but perhaps they managed to keep it a complete secret? Having a secret SHIELD base at Area 51 was a nice touch as well.

The question that remains is: Will the “time window” start to close once again? There wasn’t a mention of it in this episode, but it seems it occurs when it’s time to make the next jump after the Chronicoms. Since they were defeated in this time period, they’ll likely be making their next plans in a different moment in time. Will they have the chance to talk to Sousa more? Enoch should still be around, so they could try to figure out a way to contact him and get him back on the Zephyr.

Ten more episodes remain.

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