First Look: DCeased: Dead Planet #1

Stories from the devastated DC Universe in Tom Taylor’s DCeased continues.

Darkseid unleashed the Anti-Life Equation, and those exposed to it turned into monsters. The infected includes many of Earth’s greatest heroes. We’ve witnessed tragic and devastating losses already, but there is still more to come in DCeased: Dead Planet #1.

DCeased: Dead Planet #1 cover art by David Finch.

Tom Taylor has the ability to tell a compelling story that is more than “What if DC characters turned into monsters/zombies?” There has been several unexpected and shocking moments that keeps readers coming back for more. Thankfully it appears he has a lot more of the story to tell.

With this current series, years have passed and distress call is answered by Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, and Cassie Sandsmark. These three have become the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman of Earth 2. With their return to a dead planet, they will discover what exactly is waiting for them. Is there still life on Earth? What else might be waiting for them?

Check out the oversized preview:

DCeased: Dead Planet features the return of the original creative team of Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine. The creative team also features Stefano Gaudiano and Gigi Baldissini. The first issue is on sale June 30.

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