New Batman: Three Jokers Preview Show Red Hood And Batgirl

Often when the Joker is the main villain in a Batman story arc or event, it can feel like he’s all over the place at the same time. This is something we felt back in Death of the Family and are starting to feel in the beginning of the current Joker War story.

Geoff Johns brought forth the idea that there was more than one Joker a few years back. This is a shocking notion that could change everything we’ve ever thought of when it comes to the Clown Prince of Crime. It’s a scary idea that will have a huge impact on Batman comics and will need to be executed very carefully.

Batman: Three Jokers will explore the idea of multiple Jokers, and the first issue is almost upon us. Johns first revealed the idea of there being more than one Joker four years ago. The series was meant to debut earlier this year, but was delayed due to the pandemic affecting comic shops and distribution.

To help us through the final month of waiting, DC Comics has released more preview pages.

While this has felt like it would be mainly a Batman and Joker story, it makes perfect sense to see Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon play a role as well. They have both suffered greatly at the hands of the Joker. The question is: Which Joker? One can only imagine what sort of psychological affect this could have on them. For years they have known who was responsible for their suffering. Now it appears what they believe could be wrong.

It’ll be interesting to see how Batman deals with all this as well. He’s had some time to sit and process this information. What has he been doing with it all this time? How will he react when confronting the possible different Jokers?

Batman: Three Jokers #1 is written by Geoff Johns with art by Jason Fabok and colors by Brad Anderson. The first issue is on sale digitally and physically Tuesday, August 25. Variant covers by Fabok and Anderson will also be available. The three-issue prestige format series will be released under DC’s Black Label imprint (suitable for ages 17+) with a $6.99 price. Each issue will be 48 pages and very awesome.

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