Batman: Death In The Family Blu-ray Unboxing/Disc Reveal

The latest Warner Bros. Home Entertainment/DC Comics release is almost upon us. With DC Showcase Batman: Death in the Family, you’ll get the chance to relive one of the most tragic moments in Batman’s life, and probably the worst moment in Jason Todd’s. You’ve likely already watched the movie adaptation, but this version puts you in the driver’s seat of the Batmobile. Robin’s life is in your hands. At least you can control things if you get the Blu-ray version.

You can read all the specifics of the disc and digital version and movie here.

What you might be wondering is, what is inside the case? Many people love checking out the disc art or even the specs on the back. What surprised me most was the runtime, but it makes perfect sense.

Check out the video:

In case you missed it, both the physical Blu-ray and the Digital release are on sale October 13, 2020. Also, don’t forget the release includes other recent DC Showcase shorts, like the amazing Death (from Sandman) short.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to save Jason Todd (and possibly watch him die).

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