Batman: Soul Of The Dragon 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Unboxing

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is the latest release in the DC Universe Movies series. The movie is an “Elseworlds” story taking place in the 1970s. Batman has to enlist the aide of his former classmates–Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, and Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger). The movie is rated R for some fairly graphic violence.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon was released digitally on January 12. The physical copy is on sale January 22. For me, the big question always deals with the packaging. There is a curiosity what art, if any will be on the back of the disc packaging? There is also the art on the discs.

Lately Warner Bros has been using a grayscale version of the cover art for the discs. That won’t be the case this time. Check it out below.

An update about the image of Wonder Woman on the side. She is not in the movie. I added a bit of text while editing the video and was write. It’s part of an image that is going to spell out DC Comics or something. The image lines up with the recent release of Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

The movie was very enjoyable. The fact this was an Elseworlds story really allowed the movie to loosen up and go wherever it wanted or needed to go. The 70s vibe was pretty groovy as well. The story may not have been perfect, but this is definitely a movie I’ll watch again sooner rather than later.

Here are some officially released stills from the movie:

I’ll go more into specifics on an upcoming episode of the Random Podcast From Heck. I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze it into next week’s Episode 177. I may feature it the following week on Episode 178. That will also coincide with the release of the physical copy.

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