Unboxing: Marvel Lucha Libre – Funko Collector Corps

It’s Unboxing Time!

The latest Funko Marvel Collector Corps subscription box is finally here after a slight delay. The theme is…an interesting one. You may have see the Lucha Libre line of figures. It’s kind of neat and kind of peculiar. Marvel characters wearing luchador outfits.

The subscription boxes are available through Amazon. They ship every other month and cost $29.99. Everything inside is meant to be completely exclusive to the box.

Check out the video to see what Funko and Marvel came up with.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this month’s theme. I’ve had some time to think about since shooting the video and opening the box. I’m okay with the concept. It’s something different. The figures had cool designs with some nice details. Getting three Funko Pops was pretty great as well. I think my biggest problem is that they weren’t completely exclusive items. It was more an exclusive color variant. Normally there is a bigger difference that makes the exclusive nature really worth it.

A word of warning: for some reason this month I was charged $39.99. There was no reason or explanation for this when I know someone who also ordered the box and was charged $29.99. I didn’t bother looking at my email invoice when it was confirmed for shipping because it’s always the same $29.99 price. (Yes, I did go back through my order history to check).

After twenty-five minutes with three different customer service associates, they finally understood that this wasn’t an item where the price might fluctuate. They said they can’t refund the money after the item ships and put a $10 coupon into my account. Not what I wanted, but it’s fine. I already spent it towards a vinyl record before it disappeared or anything. Just be sure to check your invoices if you subscribe.

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