REMEMBER ANDY XENON? You Will If You Support This Cool Comic

It’s a great time to be a comic book reader. There are so many fantastic and riveting books available. Many readers enjoy reading the adventures of their favorite characters. While enjoyable, sometimes those stories can get a little…repetitive. There’s nothing wrong with buying those books, but sometimes you have to take a risk and try something new.

Enter Remember Andy Xenon? This is an upcoming one-shot book from Tom Pinchuk and Nikos Koutsis.

You might be asking, “How can I remember Andy Xenon if I never heard of him in the first place?” Let’s not get hung up on that part. Andy Xenon was a teenage superhero who suddenly lost his powers. He basically spends his teenage years fighting evil and living an adventurous life. Losing his powers kind of meant losing everything. How does someone come back from that with nothing to fall back on? That’s part of the hook of the story.

The 48-page one shot needs your help to become a reality. You can basically pre-order it and support it through Zoop. You have your choice of format (cyber, super, and mega editions). There’s even a retailer bundle with the ultra edition featuring Freddie Williams II’s cover.

The regular cover is above. Check out the other covers:

Remember Andy Xenon? cover art by Brent Schoonover and Freddie Williams II.

You might be saying, “Okay, that sounds interesting, but I’m still not sure if I want to hand over my money.” I mentioned it being a great time to be a comic reader. The downside is trying to pay for all these comics. It is important to take risks and try something new. We need creators to be able to step out of the comfort zone and give us something different. Otherwise we’re left reading stories about the same five comic book characters.

Here are some preview pages to help convince you further:

As you can see, that’s some pretty sweet artwork. There are also some guest artists in the book. You can see the full list at the Zoop link.

How about hearing from the writer himself. Here’s what Tom Pinchuk had to say:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you see that? Go back to the video at the 1:23 mark. Who is that good-looking fellow holding a microphone? He looks a little familiar, right?

That’s right. This book also features an appearance by yours truly, Tony “G-Man” Guerrero.

This is something I was aware of. I wasn’t sure when word would come out. But seeing as it’s in the video, the secret is out. They must realize what a huge selling point a G-Man From Heck cameo would be right? Right?

Super-cool cameo art by Joel Gomez.

What the heck is going on here? You’ll have to order and read the book for yourself to find out. It’s also a little more than just a cameo. Get the full details when you get your copy.

I’ve known Tom for years. He was a huge part of Anime Vice, and we did a lot together at ComicVine as well. So while he’s a good guy and a friend, I’m happy to say that this is a really intriguing book. I’d love and enjoy the book even if that cameo wasn’t there.

Do yourself (and the creators) a favor and help support the book. You know I’m going to pre-order a few copies for myself. Head over to Zoop to order one (or more) for yourself.

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