ROBIN AND BATMAN Series By Lemire And Nguyen Announced

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen are wrapping up Ascender, the follow up to Descender, but that doesn’t mean they’re finished working together.

DC Comics has announced the two are teaming up once again for a miniseries on the Dynamic Duo–except this time the focus is more on the Boy Wonder.

The three-issue miniseries will explore the beginning of Dick Grayson’s career as the crime-fighting sidekick to the Dark Knight. We’ll get an intimate look at the struggles of Dick in his early days in Gotham City.

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
$5.99 US | 40 PAGES | 1 of 3 | PRESTIGE
Variant by JEFF LEMIRE  
1:25 variant by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
ON SALE 11/9/21

Let your comic shop know you’d love for them to order you a copy.

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