Amazing Art Picks: Doctor Strange, Hulk, Wolverine, And More

The coolest comic art you won’t see in comics.

The reason you won’t see this art in comics is because artists often draw sketches, warm-ups, and commissions and post them on their Instagrams, Tumblrs, and Twitter. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out to stay up to date with what they have going on and to support them!

Click to enlarge(Header art above features art by Mike Maihack, Aaron Lopresti, and Mahmud Asrar.

Mike Maihack posted posted Cleopatra in Space and Doctor Strange art on his Instagram. You can follow and support him on Patreon and get (early) sneak peeks and process shots.

Leonardo Romero posted Thor art on his Instagram.

Richard Pace posted Death art on his Instagram. You can buy his art at Cadence Comic Art.

Reilly Brown posted new art on his Instagram.

Marco Rudy posted Dark Phoenix art on his Instagram.

Otto Schmidt posted new art on his Twitter.

Mike McKone posted commissions from MCCC on his Instagram.

Joel Gomez posted new art on his Instagram.

Chris Uminga posted new art on his Instagram.

Aaron Lopresti posted Hulk and Plastic Man art on his Twitter.

Mahmud Asrar posted new art on his Instagram.

Bernard Chang posted Booster Gold art on his Instagram.

Philip Tan posted new art on is Instagram.

Phil Noto posted Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV on his Instagram.

Jim Cheung posted Batman and Scarlet Witch art on his Instagram.

Veronica Fish posted hipster Black Canary art on her Instagram.

Aaron Laurich posted Jack and Sally art on his Instagram. You can buy his original art at his online shop.

Gene Gonzales posted Violet vs Validus art on his Instagram.

Nick Bradshaw posted Rachel Summers art on his Instagram. You can purchase his art and Danica Brine’s at  They often post new art 7pm ADT on Sunday May 22.

That’s it for this week. Let me know what you think of all the art.

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