SDCC 2022: Madelyne Pryor and Ben Reilly Team Up Against The X-Men And Spider-Man

A moment many of us have been dreading will soon be upon us.

Marvel Comics has released information on the upcoming Dark Web story. The Spider-Man/X-Men crossover will be written by Zeb Wells and begins in November with prelude issues. The story continues through December with Dark Web Alpha #1, with art by Adam Kubert. The crossover will run through The Amazing Spider-Man and other tie-in one-shots limited series.

DARK WEB ALPHA #1 wraparound variant by Ryan Stegman.

As seen in this year’s Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man/Venom issue, Madelyne Pryor will team up with the uber-amazing character, formerly known as Ben Reilly. During his recent stint as Spider-Man in the Beyond arc, Ben has gone through some…changes and will now be going by the name Chasm.

Chasm and the Goblin Queen are set to raise hell across the Marvel Universe.

What exactly can we expect in Dark Web?

Featuring artwork by Michael Dowling and Kyle Hotz, November’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 will be a special DARK WEB prelude issue that reintroduces CHASM, Ben Reilly’s dangerous new persona. Not seen since AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #894 and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: SPIDER-MAN/VENOM, fans will see exactly what Chasm and the Goblin Queen have been busy with. The issue will also introduce a brand-new villain shrouded in mystery—HALLOWS’ EVE. Set to plan a pivotal role in the event, fans can get their first glimpse at Hallows’ Eve and her killer design in a new variant cover by Ed McGuinness. The superstar artist recently graced the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN for this week’s 900th issue and will return to the title for the upcoming DARK WEB tie-in issues.

Gold Goblin #1 cover art by Taurin Clarke.

Writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Lan Medina will launch a new tie-in limited series during DARK WEB titled GOLD GOBLIN that sets up a new status quo for Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn’s sins may have been cleansed, but his memories weren’t and he’s done plenty of horrific things to remember. Norman’s worked hard to avoid all things “Goblin” and to stay on the straight and narrow. Consequences in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN pushed him to try super-heroing, and he liked it. But when the media dub him the Gold Goblin, he has to start wondering – can he ever get away from the Goblin inside?

Amazing Spider-Man #14 is on sale 11/23. Gold Goblin #1 is on sale 11/2. Dark Web Alpha #1 is on sale in December.

Are you looking forward to seeing Spidey and the X-Men team up? Are you excited or saddened over seeing Ben Reilly take on a new direction as…Chasm?

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