SDCC 2017: Mysterious Art Combo

Get ready for the All-New Mysterious Art Combo.

If you’ve seen the Mystery Art Challenge I used to do at comic conventions, you have a good idea what to expect. As a big fan of art, it’s amazing to see different artists and their process and approach to drawing. The challenge they agree to partake in is simple — Draw a comic book character and a random object on camera. The catch is, they don’t know what they’ll be drawing until the camera starts rolling. They’re always good sports about drawing the characters with whatever crazy item I can think of.

With this new version, each artist has a different random character, but they all have the same object. I went with a selfie stick because it’s always fun to see people trying to use them in the real world. Check out each video below, and be sure to check out each artist’s page for even more incredible art.

Peter Nguyen — Mega Man And A Selfie Stick

Tumblr, Instagram


Todd Nauck — Gwenpool And A Selfie Stick

Tumblr, Instagram


Agnes Garbowska — Thor And A Selfie Stick

Tumblr, Instagram

Let me know what you think of each piece and the new format. While your at it, be sure to like the videos and subscribe on YouTube.

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