Mystery Art Challenge (Home Ed.) – Adventure Time: Finn And A…?

Remember when we used to have comic conventions? Remember when we used to be able to see the Mystery Art Challenge videos?

For those unfamiliar (since it’s been a little while), the videos consisted of an artist given the challenge of drawing a familiar character with a random object. The character and object weren’t told in advanced. The artist was filmed drawing the concept they came up with. It was up to them to be creative and make the character and object work together. You can check out a couple more recent examples here and here.

Aaron Laurich is an artist who was also a fan of the videos. He reached out to me because he wanted me to give him a challenge. The only difference is I wasn’t there to film. But we can still enjoy the end result.

The first time Aaron asked to be challenge, the first thing that came to mind was “Moon Knight and a Meatball Sandwich.” How neither had been used in a previous installment is beyond me. You can check out that amazing creation here.

For his second time around, I had been watching a lot of Adventure Time so I came up with Finn and a Frankfurter. What did Aaron come up with?

You can see Finn the human in his regular outfit. His arms appear to be in good shape as well. It’s interesting that his frankfurter only has mustard. Let’s not get into the argument as to whether or not ketchup is allowed on a hot dog. Aaron did a great job and perfectly captured Finn’s special grin.

The only slight problem I thought about afterwards was, would Finn actually eat a hot dog? He has spent some time with Hot Dog Princess and the Hot Dog Knights. Also shortly after Aaron showed me his work, I watched the “Walnuts & Rain” episode from Season 6. Finn mentions hot dogs are disgusting and made up of junk. Maybe this was a hot dog made out of candy from the Candy Kingdom. It just happens to look like an actual hot dog/frankfurter.

Either way, it’s a great piece. You can check out Aaron’s art on his Instagram. You can also buy his art at his Etsy store.

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