Joker Ongoing Series Announced With Punchline Back-Up Story

Be prepared to see a whole lot more Joker.

DC Comics has announced that Joker is finally getting his own ongoing monthly series. It used to be that villains rarely got their own series. Part of the reason could be because not many people really want to root for or sympathize with a villain. It’s possible another reason could have been coming up with compelling stories for a villain month after month could be difficult.

DC has the perfect writer to make this happen.

Joker #1 cover art by Guillem March.

It turns out James Tynion IV isn’t finished with Joker just yet. After everything that happened in the recent Joker War, there’s still a lot more to tell. Joker has now become the most wanted man in the world. (It’s surprising he wasn’t before). He has decided to go overseas in order to stay one step ahead of those pursuing him. It won’t be that easy because one person after Joker is Jim Gordon.

Gordon is about to face retirement. He figures capturing Joker will allow him to end his career with some peace of mind. He has vowed to close this case in order to conclude his crime-fighting career. Unfortunately for Gordon and Joker, the former commissioner won’t be the only one after Joker as “mysterious and deadly forces” are also on his trail. They won’t let Gordon get in their way.

Joining Tynion will be Guillem March handling the art. There will also be a Punchline back-up story, co-written with Sam Johns and art by Mirka Andolfo. Punchline has been sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. We’ll also see more of Harper Row resuming her costumed identity of Bluebird to prevent her brother from falling under the influence of Punchline (as seen in a recent Joker War one-shot).

Tynion said the following:

“When I was approached by DC about the concept of an ongoing series spotlighting The Joker, I thought, ‘What would that book even look like?’ I’m excited to share this story in a way that honors everything that a series about The Joker can be, while coming at if from an exciting, unexpected angle. I’m also thrilled to continue working with Sam and Mirka to expand the Punchline story we began in November as a back-up feature in this new ongoing Joker series. The Joker War was only the beginning of the terror and mayhem we’re creating!”

The Joker will be a 40-page monthly comic with a $4.99 price. The first issue is on sale at comic shops and digital retailers on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. The joke will be on you if you don’t let your comic shop know you want them to order you a copy.

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